SYSTRA offers a range of digital solutions and software development expertise to help clients accurately assess the impacts and implications of new transport proposals, public transport services and local improvement schemes.

Assessing the impacts of transport schemes

Developing and managing transport infrastructure and services is a complex undertaking, involving the careful balancing of multiple factors, demands and objectives. It’s essential to understand the impacts of any new transport infrastructure before new developments are implemented. Similarly, any changes to public transport services or local transport networks need to be properly assessed, to optimise positive impacts for all stakeholders.

Digital solutions are essential tools for analysing the impacts of transport or land-use changes and interventions. SYSTRA has the in-house expertise to develop bespoke software to deliver the digital solutions clients need to assess any new developments or improvement schemes.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

The SYSTRA Digital team creates and supports modelling and management software to support a wide range of transport projects

The team encompasses a wide range of technical disciplines and transport domain knowledge. Our specialisms include software architecture and design, databases, automated testing, technical implementation, project management and end user training.

We have expertise in delivering solutions for transport modelling, statistical analysis, agent-based simulation, public transport data management and land use modelling. Our team has been supporting public and private sector clients through the provision of packaged and bespoke desktop, Web and mobile software applications for over 20 years.

Software design and development

As well as offering a number of advanced transport and land-use modelling tools, our Digital team has the expertise to develop bespoke software to meet specific client requirements. We design and deliver end-to-end digital solutions – encompassing the full software development lifecycle – to help our clients manage and process transport, traffic and survey data.

Technical expertise combined with transport knowledge

The dedicated Digital team at SYSTRA includes specialists in data management, software development and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These technical skills, combined with our deep understanding of the transport sector, enable us to develop comprehensive and robust software solutions that provide valuable modelling data for real-world applications.

End-to-end software development capabilities

We offer a comprehensive software development service, taking clients from initial planning through design to implementation and ongoing support. We follow an agile, collaborative approach to establish optimal solutions, before designing and developing the software. Our software solutions are put through robust testing, before being integrated and implemented for the client. Our specialists oversee the migration of data into the software, help with user training, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

We offer a number of established and powerful digital tools that provide comprehensive capabilities. These include:

  • Paramics – 3D traffic simulation
    This state-of-the-art 3D traffic modelling software enables transport professionals to design, evaluate and present robust transport solutions. Paramics microsimulation is built on 20 years of industry experience, and enables users to rapidly construct, edit, visualise and simulate traffic networks.
  • PT Insight – public transport management
    Easy-to-use software that helps local authorities manage complex public transport data. The system handles data on everything from bus and train timetables to roadside displays, concessionary fares and more. An integrated GIS shows the locations of public transport routes and helps to visualise location-based data. The modular system is easy to adapt, refine and enhance to suit different applications.
  • DELTA – land-use modelling
    This well-established tool enables us to offer a full range of land-use and transport system modelling, forecasting and assessment services. It enables complex land use and transport interactions to be modelled, to enhance our understanding of the impacts and benefits of any new proposal at a local, regional or national scale.

“Paramics Discovery is easy to use, not only building network or standard operations, but in all aspects of microsimulation, especially data analysis”.

– Transport Planner, Transport Planning Associates

“Paramics Discovery is definitely heading in the right direction in terms of improved interface, making the software easier and lightning fast to use for coding and networks and auditing models as well as improving in the simulation of traffic”

– Associate Director, Jacobs

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