SYSTRA has wide-ranging systems engineering expertise to support the planning and delivery of safe, efficient, high-quality infrastructure projects, taking a holistic view of each project as a system and balancing multiple requirements to achieve successful outcomes..

Dealing with complexity at scale

Any major infrastructure project involves planning, managing and coordinating a multitude of disciplines, technologies, interests and priorities. Successful project delivery requires planners and developers to view projects in their entirety, as single integrated ‘systems’ of many parts, which must be organised, managed and delivered as efficiently and safely as possible.

Systems engineering is a broad discipline that applies a structured approach to delivering complete projects that balance the requirements of all associated people, services, processes and technologies. Systems engineering uses proven principles, concepts, scientific and management methods to create complete solutions for any complex infrastructure challenge.

At SYSTRA, our systems engineers have an enviable track record of planning and delivering multi-faceted infrastructure projects for clients – helping to deliver complete solutions that address all performance, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety criteria. We work with clients across the transport, energy, security and built-environment sectors to see major projects through to successful completion and operation.

Discover how SYSTRA can deliver reassurance that costs, sustainability, safety, and risks will be carefully controlled through all project delivery phases.

The systems engineering specialists at SYSTRA help clients to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability on complex transport, energy, security and built-environment infrastructure programmes.

Balancing business, technical and human requirements

Systems engineering is an inter-disciplinary approach to creating large, complex systems that meet a defined set of business and technical requirements. For SYSTRA, these ‘systems’ may form part of rail infrastructure projects, new energy facilities, road-building schemes, urban developments or other major infrastructure projects.

The practice of systems engineering is concerned with the big picture. It’s a branch of engineering that concentrates on the design and application of the whole system, as distinct from its parts. We look at planning and design problems in their entirety, taking into account all the facets and variables associated with each project.

Managing complex interfaces and integration

We apply our systems engineering expertise to understand how a system functions and behaves overall, how it interfaces with its users and other systems, how its sub-systems are organised and interact, and how we can unite various engineering disciplines so that they work together. Our systems engineers follow a structured process that can be applied to an entire system or to specific aspects of engineering.

Systematic approach to problem solving

We support clients on major infrastructure projects by focusing on the design, development, operation and optimisation of their complex systems. Our service offering varies widely depending on the client’s needs, but in every case we apply a proven process to develop fully integrated solutions, and act as a technical adviser, informing decision-making at all stages of a project.

Our specialists add considerable value by helping clients to manage complexity. We help them to understand the unintended consequences of different scenarios or decisions, to ensure we create optimum solutions for safety, reliability, performance and maintainability – throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Systems Architectures
  • System Modelling
  • Timetable Modelling
  • Reliability Modelling
  • Requirements Management
  • Validation and Verification
  • Human Factors/ergonomics
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Validation
  • System Integration
  • Interface Management
  • Benefits realisation

System thinking for greater efficiency, quality and productivity

The benefits of our systems engineering approach include improved efficiency and productivity, which we achieve by identifying and eliminating unnecessary steps, processes and waste. We also improve the quality of the final project, by identifying and resolving problems at the planning stage, resulting in fewer defects and greater quality assurance. This rigorous approach also ensures risks are identified and managed at each stage, reducing the risk of complex systems failing or falling short of key performance criteria. Using this approach Clients can be confident that their investment will deliver the promised outputs.

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