SYSTRA offers a range of carbon and energy assessment and reporting services to help new infrastructure developments achieve recognised standards for sustainability – and deliver positive impacts for future generations.

Balancing environmental, social and economic priorities

To be classed as sustainable, developments must meet the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of future generations. To achieve sustainable status, developments must balance environmental, social and economic considerations with the objectives of the project. Various assessment methods are available to determine the sustainability of different types of development, from rail infrastructure to construction schemes, and to provide independent certification.

Developers, project managers and engineers working on major infrastructure schemes need to understand their legal and contractual requirements in relation to sustainability. Different types of scheme may need to achieve certain standards, such as BREEAM (formerly CEEQUAL) ratings. Specialist environmental evaluations, such as carbon and energy assessments, may need to be carried out to fulfil sustainable objectives.

The environmental services team at SYSTRA helps clients to achieve their sustainability goals, including carrying out environmental assessments in line with recognised regulatory schemes. We have a track record of implementing environmental management programmes and helping clients achieve targeted sustainability ratings, as well as supporting clients with training in energy and carbon assessments.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

SYSTRA helps clients to deliver infrastructure projects that minimise carbon, resource and energy use throughout design, construction and operation.

Environmentally sensitive infrastructure development

SYSTRA has the wide-ranging environmental expertise acquired to provide professional advice and reports on the sustainable elements of any infrastructure project – whether in rail, road, energy, water or the built environment.

Certification to recognised sustainability standards

We help clients to develop infrastructure that meets recognised standards for carbon and energy consumption, including achieving BREEAM and CEEQUAL certifications.

We also support clients to carry out their own environmental assessments, by providing training in specific tools and techniques, such as the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) Carbon Literacy Training and Rail Carbon Tool. Our support empowers clients to measure and reduce the carbon and resource impacts of new developments, while also reducing costs.


Our range of sustainable development assessment solutions covers all aspects of environmental evaluation and reporting:

  • BREEAM (formerly CEEQUAL) assessments
    Our qualified and licensed BREEAM assessors have extensive experience in supporting project teams through every step of the assessment process, helping developments to achieve targeted BREEAM ratings.
  • Carbon footprint assessment and reporting
    We undertake high-quality, accurate carbon assessments to help clients understand and reduce the carbon and resource impacts of their projects. We also provide certified training – including RSSB Carbon Literacy Training – to enable clients to carry out their own carbon assessments in line with recognised standards.
  • Minimising resource use and waste
    Our sustainable development specialists help clients find ways to maximise the use of renewed, reused and recycled materials on their projects – to reduce waste-to-landfill and minimise natural resource depletion.
  • Environmental management systems
    SYSTRA uses tools such as the Network Rail Sustainability Charter, Environmental and Social Management Plans and the Business Policy Manual to help projects maximise environmental protection, avoid pollution and enhance biodiversity.
  • IEMA and CIWM-approved training courses
    SYSTRA is a certified provider of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) courses. We provide a range of courses covering environmental auditing, environmental management systems, sustainability and waste management.
  • Sustainability audits and reporting
    Our team can conduct sustainability audits on construction and development sites to ensure targets are being achieved. Our audits use applicable targets and exemplar practice examples from industry-leading projects, as well as sustainability assessment methods such as BREEAM and CEEQUAL.

Fulfilling regulatory and contractual requirements

SYSTRA helps clients to understand the legal and contractual requirements in relation to sustainability on each project, and we provide the services, support and advice required to meet those standards. Our environmental specialists ensure that all relevant documentation is supplied to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation and contractual obligations.

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