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Sustainable Moblity & Energy Transition

Integration of Climate and Environmental Factors in Project Development

In the context of climate urgency, to move towards more sustainable mobility and offer solutions, developed transport infrastructures must be reliable, durable, and resilient.

Our cutting-edge expertise leverages digital technologies to develop energy-efficient transport solutions and projects with a limited environmental impact.


  • Mitigating the impacts of transport systems on resources and biodiversity
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport projects
  • Monitoring and managing the carbon footprint of infrastructures
  • Successfully transitioning to sustainable transport models

our solutions

Discover our digital solutions dedicated to sustainable mobility and energy transition

Monitors the carbon footprint of your project.

Anticipes climate change trends faced by your infrastructure.

Scales the infrastructure, fleet and service of electric vehicle networks.

our emblematics projects

Tess: Montreal Transit Corporation, Canada
Tess: RATP Paris « Bus 2025 », France