SYSTRA has dedicated track design teams with the knowledge and experience to help build new railways, and renew and upgrade existing lines – helping track owners and operators to expand rail capacity and support safer, faster and more efficient services for UK rail passengers. We support line electrification and line speed increases to create net-zero transport systems..

Building better railways for the UK

Rail operators and owners in the UK face many challenges when it comes to increasing capacity – from reviewing the upgrade options available for existing tracks, to understanding the design and construction processes for new high-speed or conventional railway lines.

Rail companies may want to install a double track where there is currently only a single line. They need to understand the regulations relating to building track on brownfield and greenfield sites, and how to achieve the necessary structural clearances in congested areas. Private sector clients that want to connect their track with the national rail network need to understand how to meet Network Rail standards. All new or refurbished lines need to comply with RSSB (Rail Safety & Standards Board) and Network Rail standards and governance (Design & Construction of Track Standard NR-L2-TRK-2102 Issue 12).

SYSTRA has one of UK’s largest dedicated track design teams with a broad range of knowledge and experience in all aspects of railway track and permanent way (P-Way) design and engineering.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

SYSTRA rail engineering and permanent way design consultants have a detailed understanding of railway track design and construction processes, current guidance, legislation and Network Rail standards – helping to drive the move towards carbon-neutral transport systems for the future.

Design and engineering expertise for all types of railway

Our experienced track design and engineering teams support clients on a wide variety of railway construction, refurbishment and renewal projects, ranging from major high-speed rail programmes to conventional rail upgrades and installations, as well as metro and light rail transport (LRT) systems.

We have the skills and expertise to design from first principles, as well as using integrated design software and CAD to deliver fully integrated BIM compliant designs. Using integrated design software enables us to incorporate all other disciplines to create a 3D digital twin, with asset tagging if required by the client. We support clients through the entire process – from early-stage feasibility studies to detailed design and approved-for-construction designs, as well as staging designs and on-site design support.

Specialists in track and permanent way geometry

Our specialists create track and permanent way (P-Way) designs for new and existing lines, including ballasted track, slab track and modular designs. Our experience includes designing and integrating ballastless track systems, such as the BOGL slab track product, for high-speed rail networks.

With our expertise in geometry and track design, we can help clients to achieve structural/passing clearances, including options for track lowering or smoothing the track, as well as making recommendations on track speed or cant.

Digital design expertise for precision engineering

We can manipulate track geometry to enable clients to meet their objectives and fulfil regulatory requirements. We apply 2D and 3D track design, and digital surface modelling of the track form, to inform our designs and recommendations. To meet strict safety standards, we use specialist gauging software to calculate structural clearances.

We support the design of all elements of railway infrastructure, including switches and crossings, points, turnouts, diamond crossings and double junctions. Our expertise includes designing double tracking to help clients increase capacity along existing single lines. We also work on platform extensions, providing track geometry and alignment designs to enable construction teams to design foundations and civil engineering works.

Supporting rail capacity improvements across the UK

The vast experience of our dedicated track design team offers clients a broad range of knowledge to help overcome the challenges of constructing new railway lines, as well as upgrading and refurbishing existing tracks.

We provide access to all the expertise rail owners and operators need within one team. We work collaboratively with our clients to provide clear and concise designs that meet the high standards expected by rail operators and regulators – helping to deliver safer, faster and more efficient rail services for passengers throughout the UK.

How can our experts help?

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