Identify and manage security risks to guarantee your infrastructures to be SAFEbyDESIGN.

SAFEbyBIM is a solution that fully integrates technical risk management into our design process by exploiting BIM data and allowing real-time risk sharing to all collaborators.

More than a tool for identifying and managing security risks, SAFEbyBIM improves risk prevention and resolution throughout the asset lifecycle of your projects.

Establishing an effective risk reduction strategy from design to production is crucial to ensure the safety and proper development of a project.

With SAFEbyBIM, manage your project with confidence!



Each of our projects has its own security requirements.


We ensure efficient collaboration through a data-centric environment with full accountability tracking and a controlled access to the solution.


We connect identified hazards to BIM model assets and display them using platforms such as iTwin Platform and Forge, in order to better contextualize the safety risks.


We keep track of data management for the entire project lifecycle through the export of dated dashboards.


  • Hazard management within BIM models for the entire project lifecycle.
  • Construction of a classified hazard database
  • Traceability management with dated recording of processing and responsibilities attached to each hazard
  • Time saved resulting from improved communication and coordination between the members of the project team
  • Improvement of hazard prevention

SAFEbyBIM, offers engineers considerable benefits for visualizing Design Risks across a variety of disciplines. The development of the software has been undertaken with a true international team, emphazing the importance that SYSTRA places on ‘connected teams’.

Andrew SMITH, Information and Communication Technology Director, SYSTRA UK

A much needed tool to support the development of safety risk management process into the world of BIM and data integration. With benefits to all projects from a design, management and customers perspective.

Paul GOTTS, System Safety Manager, SYSTRA UK

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