Light rail and tram systems are part of our DNA at SYSTRA. We have played an integral role in the delivery of every type of light rail system throughout the world, helping local authorities and transport operators to implement safe, fast and sustainable mass transit solutions.

Tackling Congestion in Urban Areas

Light rail (LRT), tram and tram-train systems offer an increasingly popular way to move people efficiently and safely around urban areas. These transit systems work particularly well in busy urban corridors or where there is disused or underused conventional rail infrastructure. Properly planned and implemented, they help local authorities address urgent social, economic and environmental priorities.

Introducing any new transport infrastructure into congested urban areas poses many challenges for local authorities and transport bodies. Affordability and access to funding are major obstacles, while specialist planning, engineering and construction expertise are required to create new mass transit systems that are independent from traffic flows yet integrated with existing transport interchanges.

The light rail specialists at SYSTRA have the multi-disciplinary expertise to plan, design and deliver the high-capacity, reliable, low-carbon tram systems that cities need to boost economic growth and create pleasant, liveable urban environments.

SYSTRA provides expertise at every stage of light trail, tramway and tram-train scheme delivery, from concept to completion and ongoing operation – delivering optimum mass transit solutions for every project.

SYSTRA has a passion for the development of transit systems as a way to provide rapid, sustainable and efficient transportation in cities and urban areas. We understand how light rail, tramway, tram-train and very light rail schemes can help developers, local authorities and transport bodies to meet their decarbonisation, social value and economic regeneration objectives. We have played an integral role in most of the current UK light rail systems.

Light rail expertise breathes new life into urban areas

Clients trust SYSTRA to recommend and design the optimal mass transit solution for each city and location. We deliver light rail solutions that increase ridership on public transport, support decarbonisation by shifting transport users away from cars in city centres, and create mass transit systems that operate independently from congested road networks.

Manchester Metrolink

Our infrastructure capabilities include street-level, elevated, cut and cover, and tunnelling structures, while our systems capabilities include signalling, rolling stock, power supplies, telecoms, monitoring systems, ticketing, MEPs, permanent way and platform screen doors. We understand and regularly manage the complex interface between civil engineering and railway systems.

Innovation with use of grass track in urban light rail systems

SYSTRA has experience of delivering every type of tramway, and we have a reputation for innovation in areas such as power systems, grass tracks, viaducts and more. To preserve the visual appeal of urban heritage sites and conservation areas, we can design ground-level power supplies to avoid overhead wires. Grass tracks enhance the urban environment and create more appealing city centres, as well as helping to ease planning approvals.

The light rail systems delivered by SYSTRA have much wider impacts on cities, supporting economic growth around tram routes and opening up new areas of the city for people to live and work in. Trams attract heavier usage than buses, accelerating the creation of diesel-free environments and improving air quality.

Light rail services to meet long-term objectives

SYSTRA supports light rail system development with a range of services, covering the full project lifecycle from concept to delivery.

SYSTRA also supports the development and delivery of a whole range of urban mass transit systems. Our expertise and skills enable us to assess various options and to recommend the right solution for each urban environment. These solutions may include any combination of light rail, trams, tram-train, buses, busways, metro or urban rail systems.

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