SYSTRA helps public and private sector developers to secure planning approval for a range of residential, economical, retail and renewable developments – advising on the most deliverable and cost-effective solutions in line with local and national requirements, priorities and regulations.

Securing planning approval for new developments

The first major hurdle for any new development is gaining planning approval from the relevant local authority. Any type of development, whether residential, commercial or industrial, in any location, needs to be planned carefully to ensure it meets the requirements of relevant legislation, government policy and local planning rules.

Developers need to consider the impacts of any development on the environment, local residents and businesses, transport infrastructure, utilities and local services. To have the best chance of success, developers need to engage with statutory bodies, stakeholders and partners to ensure that development plans fall in line with expectations, regulations and the planning priorities in each location.

SYSTRA has long-standing expertise in development planning, with a track record of helping clients deliver development proposals that quickly gain planning consent. We have the relevant contacts to engage directly with statutory bodies and stakeholders, to support the delivery of much-needed new developments.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA helps clients assess and model the impacts and implications of development plans – providing essential evidence to inform planning decisions.

From pre-application support to submission

Early engagement with the Local Planning Authority for a development provides the best chance of gaining planning permission. We can provide extensive pre-application support, ensuring that any issues associated with proposed developments are identified at the earliest opportunity. This enables us to help clients develop appropriate mitigations and deliverable solutions within the shortest possible timeframe.

Managing transport and traffic impacts

We have particular expertise in providing traffic and transport advice, helping clients to understand the local and wider transport-related impacts of proposed developments. We specialise in developing mitigations that maximise the use of public transport and active travel, to support the environmental objectives of local authorities.

Consultation with stakeholders and partners

We have excellent contacts with local planning authorities throughout the UK, and we have a track record of liaising with planners to deliver the most appropriate developments for each region. We are also adept at stakeholder engagement, with the ability to manage consultations with local transport operators, businesses and residents to inform development plans and ensure they fulfil local needs.


  • Pre-application support to submission
  • Managing transport and traffic impacts
  • Consultation with stakeholders and partners
  • Planning advice for developments in all sectors
  • Support for urban master-planning
  • Fast and efficient planning application services

Planning advice for developments in all sectors

SYSTRA has expertise in development planning for all types of project, from housing estates and retail parks to healthcare and higher education facilities, wind farms to renewable energy plants. Whatever the sector, we complete all documentation required to support planning applications, ensuring that local authority planners have all the data, models and evidence they need to make rapid decisions.

Support for urban master-planning

Our development planning specialists advise on schemes that support local masterplans. We work at all scales to help develop places as a whole, transforming streets, towns, cities and regions by creating developments that provide better places for local people, workers and visitors. Our support helps to deliver projects that improve social interaction, health and wellbeing, economic growth and mobility.

Fast and efficient planning application services

For developers and partners, our development planning services help to create proposals that are both deliverable and cost conscious. We draw on industry expertise from across our business, providing an efficient, personalised service to help planning applications achieve approvals in good time, with minimal conditions.

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