SYSTRA has the specialist expertise in public transport ticketing technology, helping clients to specify, implement and manage flexible ticketing systems that work seamlessly for passengers and fulfil all the fares, data and revenue requirements of transport schemes and operators.

Smarter public transport ticketing for passengers and operators

To support the development of public transport, operators need to offer flexible, convenient, value-for-money fares and ticketing systems – which are simple and intuitive to use by both passengers and staff. The technology used to provide ticketing services must fulfill a number of key criteria, including providing a means to collect payment and provide evidence of payment, a way to allocate revenues to operators, and to generate the data required to support public transport management and development.

To give passengers the flexibility they need, ticketing technology should accommodate a range of payment methods, including ITSO based smart ticketing, contactless payment with bank cards, bar codes, account based ticketing (ABT), cash and other emerging technologies. At the same time these systems must be secure both in terms of preventing data loss and fraud.

SYSTRA can offer clients a complete service of expertise that covers all aspects required to specify, implement and manage ticketing technology that will support their business objectives and ensure that they are passenger-focused, while providing bus or train operators with the data they need to develop and improve their services.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

SYSTRA ticketing technology specialists provide technical and commercial advice to a broad range of clients, including national, regional and local government, transport operators and system suppliers.

Intelligent ticketing for 21st-century travel

Our consultancy advice and capabilities cover all stages of fares and ticketing schemes, from feasibility studies and business case development, through specification, procurement and contract award to hands-on system implementation, testing and validation.

We ensure that clients procure the electronic ticketing system that’s right for their services and passengers, enabling smart ticketing and contactless ticketing wherever possible.

Convenient, secure and flexible ticketing

To make public transport in the UK an attractive alternative to the car, it needs to be made as accessible and convenient as possible. That means not only providing convenient bus routes and train timetables that take people where they need to go, but also providing simple and accessible fare structures, information and ticketing technology to combat ‘fare fear’ – so that people know how much they have to pay and how to pay.

Empowering passengers with ticketing information

Different passengers have different needs and different levels of experience of using public transport – and ticketing systems. That’s why ticketing technology needs to make it as easy as possible for passengers to find out about fares, purchase the correct ticket using their preferred payment method, and complete their journey.

Ticketing strategies need to ensure that when customers board the bus or train, they can be sure they are on the right service, they are paying the best available fare, and that payments are being collected promptly and transparently.

Integrated ticketing systems for multi-modal journeys

SYSTRA has vast experience of developing ticketing strategies and technologies that help to establish integrated transport networks. We create ticketing capabilities and tariff structures that allow greater flexibility and give passengers the freedom to make multi-modal journeys, while protecting revenues and ensuring they are properly allocated to the different operators.

Our experience includes working with train and bus operators and government bodies to design and implement new ticketing structures to improve public transport and meet the changing needs of passengers. We also have the capabilities to model the impact of proposed ticketing changes, to evaluate the financial and service-related implications.


  • Fares Policy
  • Account Based Ticketing
  • Ticketing System Specification
  • Ticket Machine Configuration
  • Ticketing Scheme Delivery Management

Ticketing intelligence in operation

A key element in our ability to provide advice on ticketing policies is our understanding of how fares work in a practical sense in the operational environment. It means we understand the importance of not allowing technology to become the primary influencing factor in how tickets are structured or

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