SYSTRA transport planners have the technology and expertise to help public transport operators, local authorities and planners to develop safe, reliable and sustainable train and bus services to support economic growth, reduce carbon emissions and provide excellent passenger experiences.

Transport planning vital to economic prosperity

Efficient, safe and reliable public transport networks play a significant role in supporting economic growth, reducing the carbon footprint of transport, and creating vibrant, well-connected communities. Local authorities, planners, and rail and bus company operators need expert support to develop and deliver efficient, economically viable and sustainable public transport networks.

They must do this while facing budgetary constraints and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. Planners and operators need advice on how to achieve operating efficiencies, while maintaining high standards and delivering best practice across public transport services. Developing good public transport means creating simple and accessible service routes, maintaining the reliability of each service, and ensuring that key performance indicators are delivered consistently.

SYSTRA has the expertise and technical tools to help transport planners, operators and developers create effective and efficient bus and train services, which meet the needs of local communities, businesses and the environment.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

SYSTRA understands the challenges and opportunities faced by passenger transport operators who are under pressure to improve services in a challenging economic environment.

Developing commercially sustainable transport networks

Our expertise spans every aspect of passenger transport planning and operation, from fares and ticketing to service master-planning and business model restructuring. The depth of our experience means we are uniquely positioned to help authorities and transport operators find practical solutions to delivering well-planned and efficient transport services.

Whatever the circumstances, we will identify and robustly model deliverable solutions that offer cost-effective, enhanced travel opportunities. We help clients to achieve specific targets in relation to decarbonising public transport, improving air quality and enhancing the passenger experience – while delivering economically viable services.

Harnessing technology for sustainability and operational efficiency

We use a range of software and technologies to assess the impact and effectiveness of different transport scenarios. Our bus planning software, for example, enables us to evaluate the costs and implications of alterations to routes, timetables and fleet sizes.

To help create more sustainable transport networks, we have developed a number of tools and methods to provide detailed predictions of transport carbon emissions across different spatial scales. This enables us to answer critical questions, such as how much carbon does transport emit, which origins and destinations are responsible for most carbon emissions, and how do different policies and measures contribute to reducing carbon emissions?

The drive to reduce the environmental impact of transport means that electric vehicles are increasingly being incorporated into bus fleets. SYSTRA has the capabilities to plan EV networks, including infrastructure requirements, and to model different scenarios to help companies optimise their EV networks and energy consumption.

Implementing transport networks and operations

Combining the outputs from our various modelling tools with our own expertise, we set out the implications of each transport proposal – helping our clients choose the solutions that deliver the greatest benefits for all stakeholders.

As well as advising on public transport networks and operations, we have the expertise to help deliver the chosen solutions. That’s because members of our team have hands-on experience of operating multi-million-pound bus networks and managing the transition to new public transport solutions. We have experience of delivering best practice services throughout the UK – and worldwide – with a long track record of successful implementation.

How can our experts help?

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