SYSTRA has developed innovative software and modelling techniques to measure and analyse carbon emissions from transport – helping local authorities develop targeted carbon-reduction strategies to achieve their net-zero ambitions.

Understanding carbon emissions to improve air quality

Local authorities tasked with achieving net zero targets and improving air quality need to understand transport-related carbon emissions within their regions, so that targeted carbon-reduction strategies can be devised.

Assessing the scale and distribution of carbon emissions from transport requires specialist expertise and modelling tools. It’s important to work out the types of vehicle producing the most carbon emissions, and the different travel activities contributing to the overall figure. Initial studies are required to gather baseline data on carbon emissions, with further studies needed to assess changes in emissions resulting from the implementation of new policies or transport schemes.

SYSTRA has developed innovative and powerful carbon emissions evaluation and assessment tools, which provide accurate and insightful analyses of CO2 emissions that were not previously available. Our expertise plays a key role in helping local authorities measure carbon emissions from transport and assess changes in emissions over time.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

The carbon emissions modelling services provided by SYSTRA play a vital role in helping local authorities understand the existing emissions problems within their area, both spatially and by transport mode.

A detailed understanding of emissions, by source and spatially, is essential to help local authorities develop effective strategies for reducing carbon emissions, improving quality of life for residents, commuters and visitors, and ultimately achieving their net-zero targets.

Carbon emissions modelling and analysis

SYSTRA is leading the way in developing tools and methods to provide detailed predictions of transport carbon emissions, at any scale, across any area.

These include Carbon Skimming Techniques, which allow us to analyse previously unattainable emissions data, such as the origin and destination of carbon emissions, carbon length distributions and carbon intensity plots. In addition, our Fleet Mix Modelling tool enables us to accurately predict the impacts of future fleets, including the impact of different policy interventions.


Our carbon modelling specialists have developed our powerful in-house environmental emissions modelling tool – ENEVAL. This enables us undertake carbon assessments based on strategic and microsimulation models. It allows us to answer critical questions that are not covered by other carbon modelling software, such as:

  • How much carbon (and other emissions) does transport emit?
  • What vehicle types are responsible for emitting most carbon?
  • Which origins and destinations are responsible for most carbon emissions (zones / local authorities, etc)?
  • What are the contributions of policies and measures towards reducing transport carbon emissions and achieving net zero?

Targeted net zero transport interventions

The outputs from our modelling analysis can be reported numerically and graphically, helping clients to interpret the results and develop measures to deliver carbon reductions. The level of detail in our data enables clients to focus efforts on specific vehicle types, journeys and locations that will result in the greatest reductions in carbon emissions.

Modelling all greenhouse gas emissions from transport

As well as measuring Carbon emissions from transport our expertise and methods can be applied to other transport emissions, such as particulate matter, and nitrous oxides. This enables local authorities and other bodies to build a complete picture of greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport, enabling them to develop comprehensive air quality improvement and environmental protection strategies for specific regions.

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