The multi-disciplinary Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health (MEPH) design team at SYSTRA offers comprehensive M&E and E&P engineering solutions for complex infrastructure and building projects in multiple sectors – from conventional and high-speed rail to industrial, energy and commercial.

Innovative solutions to M&E design challenges

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) systems enable a host of essential services to be provided for all types of building and infrastructure. From providing power supplies for railway systems to delivering integrated heating, cooling and ventilation within buildings, M&E engineers help contractors, developers and authorities to create safe, efficient and sustainable buildings and facilities.

The diversity of projects requiring M&E services presents a wide range of challenges for M&E engineers. These could include space constraints or safety restrictions on site, which call for off-site, modularised solutions. Complex programme schedules may require M&E specialists to develop novel sequencing so that work can be completed in the most efficient manner. Value engineering is another key consideration, as clients look to reduce costs and optimise efficiencies on challenging infrastructure projects.

When clients need Mechanical & Electrical consultants that understand their needs, can react quickly and think differently to come up with innovative solutions, the multi-disciplinary team at SYSTRA offers all the expertise required to deliver complex projects on any scale.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

SYSTRA has a large, multi-skilled MEPH team with proven expertise in designing and delivering Mechanical & Electrical (M&E), public health, Electrification & Plant (E&P) and lighting systems for industrial, power, nuclear, rail, education, commercial and retail applications.

Clients rely on our experience to design MEPH services to create comfortable, healthy, resource-efficient environments within all types of building. In the rail sector, we have vast expertise of designing power supplies and Electrification & Plant (E&P) solutions for the full range of rail infrastructure, both conventional and high-speed.

Buildings services: Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health (MEPH) design

Our building services M&E engineers design and implement efficient, effective and economical designs for services ranging from air conditioning, ventilation and heating to water supplies, drainage and piped services. We understand the importance of sustainability, alongside innovation, and we focus on creating integrated MEPH services that meet all end-user requirements and enable efficient lifetime maintenance.

Our building services experience covers industrial buildings, offices, schools, stations and trackside buildings. We undertake designs in both HV (high voltage) and LV (low voltage) distribution, for general and rail-specific building services. In the rail sector, we specialise in design services for new and refurbished stations, and train servicing and maintenance depots.

Rail power: Electrification & Plant (E&P) services

SYSTRA offers complete Electrification & Plant (E&P) design services for the rail industry – for both conventional rail and high-speed rail projects. Our in-house expertise covers all stages of design for 400V and 650V trackside power installations, including signalling power supplies, and for electric point heating installations, including all types of rail, points and crossing layouts, including third rail locations.

Our experience of working on large-scale rail infrastructure includes delivering multiple bespoke designs for Principal Supply Points (PSP), Functional Supply Points (FSP) and equipment buildings.

Complete MEPH services – from survey to completion

SYSTRA Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health services are part of a multi-disciplinary design service. We have wide-ranging expertise to meet the requirements of clients in multiple sectors. Our services encompass site surveys and all design stages, from feasibility and approvals through to construction.

M&E design deliverables include:

  • Detailed specifications.
  • Site layout drawings.
  • Circuit distribution schematics.
  • Control wiring diagrams.
  • Testing and commissioning plans.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) studies.
  • Installation and staging methodologies.


  • Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)
  • Electrification & Plant (E&P)
  • Public Health (water services)
  • Lighting

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