Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs) analysis can play an important role in securing funding for new transport and infrastructure projects. SYSTRA has proven capabilities in a whole range of assessment and appraisal techniques, including WEBS, to support infrastructure proposals in many sectors.

Measuring the wider benefits of new infrastructure projects

The viability of any new transport, energy, environmental or other infrastructure project often relies on demonstrating the benefits it will deliver for a whole range of stakeholders, wider society and the economy. To secure funding, promotors need to present robust business cases to demonstrate the full beneficial impacts of any new scheme.

Many infrastructure projects generate additional benefits over and above their direct impacts. These wider economic benefits may include greater business productivity, improved employment opportunities, increased tax revenue and improved public safety and well-being. Evaluating and measuring these wider economic benefits requires expertise that goes beyond straightforward cost-benefit analysis.

SYSTRA has always been at the forefront of efforts to develop more comprehensive appraisals for transport and infrastructure projects. We were among the first to develop and adopt Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs) appraisals – helping clients develop well-researched business cases that provide persuasive arguments for their proposed schemes.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA has the knowledge, modelling capabilities and software to conduct Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs) analysis for all types of infrastructure project.

SYSTRA has a unique capability for delivering Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs) assessments, thanks to our DELTA software and associated Wider Impacts Calculator (WIC) approach. These innovative new appraisal tools help us to consistently determine wider economic benefits at a higher level of detail than is possible with the standard DfT Wider Impacts in Transport Appraisal (WITA) tool.

Building stronger business cases with WEBs

We understand how to develop comprehensive, fully evidenced business cases that incorporate detailed WEBs analysis – ensuring proposals can withstand the scrutiny of planning authorities and funding bodies, as well as any potential wider scrutiny from public inquiries.

We have the expertise to conduct Wider Economic Benefits appraisals for all types of infrastructure project, of all sizes, in any sector – including transport developments, environmental schemes, energy facilities, construction projects and security infrastructure.

Expert economic analysis and modelling

Wider Economic Benefits assessments are just one of the tools we use to help clients create powerful business cases. As appropriate, we can carry out a whole range of other assessments, including Land Use/Transport Interaction (LUTI) modelling, demand, revenue and benefit forecasts, environmental appraisals and risk assessments, Urban Realm Valuations, Multi-Criteria Assessments (MCA), Land Value Uplift assessments and Transport User Benefits Appraisals (TUBA).

Gaining critical support for new infrastructure

By delivering the most robust and compliant business cases for our clients, we help to demonstrate the full range of benefits delivered by proposed schemes, beyond their immediate intended purpose. Such important evidence is critical in gaining support for new infrastructure projects, not just from planners and funders, but also from wider communities, businesses and the general public.

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