SYSTRA environmental specialists take a strategic approach to supporting the delivery of infrastructure projects that minimise resource consumption, reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, have a positive impact on biodiversity and the environment and protecting communities from the impact of flooding, sewage pollution and climate change.

Environmental strategies for responsible infrastructure development

Building new infrastructure for transport, energy or built-environment applications requires a methodical and strategic approach to mitigating environmental impacts and protecting the natural world.

Environmental strategies need to consider decarbonisation to meet net zero targets, combating biodiversity loss, adapting to the impacts of climate change, complying with environmental legislation and achieving environmental standards, such as PAS2080 and ISO 14001. With such a complex range of environmental priorities to address, it’s no surprise that local authorities, planners and developers need specialist support to deliver environmentally responsible infrastructure projects.

SYSTRA is a market leader in the development and implementation of robust environmental strategies for clients delivering major infrastructure schemes. We help clients to develop business cases and secure funding as well as plan and develop environmentally sustainable projects for all types of infrastructure.

Chartered commitment

SYSTRA has joined the movement for the planet Charte de l’ingénierie pour le climat and is committed to:

  • Considering climate change throughout our projects.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our own activities.
  • Supporting our employees with their commitments to combating climate change.

The environmental strategies developed by SYSTRA aim to meet all project needs while avoiding adverse impacts on the environment, society and the economy.

SYSTRA environmental consulting and engineering services are delivered by specialists in their individual fields – from economic benefit analysis, ecology and biodiversity to public realm, construction planning and development management.

Minimising climate change impacts

Our flood risk teams provide expertise in finding nature based solutions to flooding and potential sewage pollution. Carbon management is also key to delivering sustainable infrastructure. We promote sustainable designs by measuring the carbon footprint at every stage of design and implementation. Our robust carbon assessment strategies ensure that infrastructure projects and associated services minimise their impacts on the climate and the wider environment.

Developing powerful business cases

We have considerable experience in helping clients with business case development and funding bids, ensuring key environmental measures are addressed to deliver net-zero carbon goals. We can support clients with detailed assessments of low-carbon strategies for their projects, and provide detailed scheme design and implementation support to ensure all environmental impacts are avoided or mitigated.

Strategies for long-term resource efficiency

Resource efficiency is another key factor in delivering environmentally sensitive infrastructure. At SYSTRA, we believe that resource efficiency means more than simply reducing waste and using fewer materials through design and construction. We work with clients and project teams to help minimise embodied, operational and end-of-life impacts, create long-term value in new and refurbished assets, and gain greater value from assets over their lifespan.

Environmental planning and development

To support the development of nature-positive new infrastructure, we also provide strategic guidance on local plans, urban design and master-planning, development management, mobility and movement, and placemaking.

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