SYSTRA works in partnership with local authorities and other scheme promoters to develop funding applications that comply with all relevant guidance – giving transport and regeneration projects the best possible chance of winning essential funds from a range of government schemes..

Winning funds for vital transport projects

To access essential funds for new transport projects, scheme promoters need to submit successful bids to the relevant funding schemes. Applicants need to ensure their bids stand out from the crowd in order to be awarded funding in a competitive market.

Different funding schemes, such as Levelling Up and Bus Service Improvement Plans, among many others, all have different requirements for applicants. Navigating government guidance is a complex exercise, and bids often need to be submitted within challenging timescales. Creating a compelling case for funding means compiling the best available evidence, demonstrating stakeholder engagement and support, establishing the economic case – including calculating the benefit-cost ratio – identifying the wider outcomes and impacts of the proposed scheme, assessing risks and developing a robust programme for delivery.

SYSTRA has proven expertise in compiling winning funding applications for local authorities and transport operators. We understand the guidance for the various funding schemes on offer, and apply a thorough, methodical approach to developing the best possible funding bids for individual transport proposals and broader proposals with a transport element.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

Our transport sector expertise enables us to develop robust transport funding bids for clients, supported by the best available evidence and technical analysis.

The transport planning specialists at SYSTRA understand how to develop successful bids for government funding. We understand the guidance for all of the different funds on offer. Our agile approach means we can adapt applications to meet changes in funding schemes, updates to guidance and changing deadlines.

Comprehensive funding bids, submitted on time

With all the necessary expertise and resources in-house, we can mobilise quickly to develop comprehensive funding applications within tight deadlines. We take the lead in all aspects of transport scheme appraisal to support funding bids. We understand the full range of transport appraisal methods, and can carry out all relevant demand, revenue and benefit forecasts. By compiling a comprehensive evidence base, we can develop really robust and compelling cases for funding.

Our expertise in logic mapping means we can provide the golden thread that brings together all elements of the bid into a coherent and compelling case. It’s essential that bids provide a consistent narrative throughout, with the different elements combining to tell the full story of the proposed scheme and its benefits.

How to make a successful transport funding bid

With our successful track record in winning funding from high-profile government schemes, such as Levelling Up, we have identified a number of key success factors:

  • Early engagement – with key stakeholders, such as DfT, National Highways, Network Rail, neighbouring authorities, Environment Agency, and sub-national transport bodies.
  • Gap analysis – early on, identify where evidence is required so that relevant surveys or transport models can be deployed in good time.
  • Don’t jump to the solution – be clear on your objectives and consider a full range of potential options.
  • Have a clear narrative – to explain why the investment is required. Focus on main benefits and risks.
  • Be prepared – have the evidence and analysis ready so you can exploit any new funding opportunities.
  • Identify all benefits – including connectivity, economic development, job creation, environmental improvements, housing delivery, and more.
  • Align the application – to the specific funding scheme objectives, whether housing, jobs, low-carbon, inclusion, etc.

Partnership approach to funding applications

Our approach to transport funding applications is completely flexible. We are happy to work as part of a wider team, for proposals in which transport is just one element of the bid. We can also work in partnership with local authority clients to compile bids. If the client is the lead author, we can support them with technical analysis or provide a critical overview to review the bid against relevant criteria. Or we can draft the entire bid from scratch, liaising with the client as required.

How can our experts help?

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