SYSTRA provides development management services to help government agencies and local authorities traffic and planning teams review and assess development proposals against key criteria – to facilitate the orderly growth and development of cities, regions or specific areas.

Support for prompt and accurate planning decisions

Government agencies and local planning authorities need to ensure that development applications are properly considered and reviewed before planning permission is granted or denied. The impacts of any development need to be thoroughly assessed against key criteria and policy priorities.

Planning decision-makers need to assess applications against government policies on housing, economic development, the environment, transport, heritage and community facilities. They need to ensure stakeholders have been engaged and their views considered. The impacts of new developments on transport also need to be assessed, requiring a detailed knowledge of existing traffic conditions, capacity and congestion.

SYSTRA provides extensive development management support to help local authorities and government bodies fulfil their statutory duties. We help planners respond promptly to thousands of planning applications each year – ranging from proposals for single dwellings to major residential and commercial developments, renewable energy projects and transport schemes.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

Our specialists coordinate multiple activities, stakeholders and resources to ensure development projects comply with regulatory requirements, meet project objectives and are completed successfully.

Working with stakeholders and decision-makers

SYSTRA provides development management services to support and oversee the planning and development of all types of land and real-estate projects.

We build excellent working relationships with key stakeholders in the development management community, enabling all parties to have early and open discussions on proposals – to identify and mitigate any issues. Our experience and knowledge of the potential impacts of new developments enables us to apply proportionate, pragmatic and evidence-based assessments of every proposal.

Compliance with relevant policies and frameworks

The knowledge of our development management team ensures that planning applications are rigorously assessed against all latest government policies, technical standards and planning guidance. These include the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), Department for Transport Circular 1/2022, the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB), Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) guidance, and other local and national schemes and policies.

Expertise in transportation planning

We ensure that all transport impacts associated with development proposals are appropriately considered and, where required, mitigated within the development management process. On individual planning consultations, we can provide input from the earliest pre-application discussions through to formal consultation responses.

Our development management services include:

  • Land use planning
    This involves determining the appropriate use and allocation of land for different purposes, such as residential, commercial, industrial or recreational. We help decision-makers consider factors such as zoning regulations, infrastructure needs, environmental impacts and community goals.
  • Regulatory compliance
    We ensure that proposed projects adhere to local, regional and national regulations and policies. This includes compliance with environmental impact assessments and other relevant guidelines.
  • Project coordination
    Our development managers coordinate the activities of various stakeholders involved in any development project, such as architects, engineers, contractors, government agencies and community groups. We facilitate communication, manage timelines, and ensure smooth collaboration among all parties.
  • Financial planning
    Our expertise includes financial feasibility studies, budgeting and securing funding for development projects. Our specialists analyse the costs and potential revenue streams associated with a development, assess financial risks and seek funding sources, such as public grants, private investment or financing options.
  • Community engagement
    Our development managers engage with the local community to gather input, address concerns and ensure that proposed projects align with community needs and aspirations. We organise public meetings, workshops and consultations to foster transparency, collaboration and community buy-in.
  • Risk management
    We identify and mitigate risks associated with the development process. This includes assessing environmental impacts, addressing potential legal or regulatory challenges, and managing unforeseen issues that may arise during the project lifecycle.

Enabling long-term sustainable development

Overall, our development management specialists consider the strategic, operational and regulatory aspects of land use and real-estate development. Our aim is to help planners create sustainable, liveable and economically viable communities, while balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders.

How can our experts help?

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