SYSTRA acoustic engineers and consultants provide environmental noise and vibration monitoring and assessment services for transport, construction and infrastructure projects – helping to minimise disturbance to people, properties and the environment.

Minimising noise and vibration impacts

Any infrastructure or construction project needs to consider its impact on people, businesses and the environment. Key among these impacts are noise and vibration created by construction activities and by completed infrastructure, such as road or rail networks.

It’s important for developers, planners and contractors to understand the regulations relating to noise standards and how to comply with them. Managing and mitigating noise and vibration needs to be considered at every stage, from design and planning through to project delivery and ongoing use.

The specialist acoustic consultancy team at SYSTRA provides expert advice and practical solutions for airborne and ground borne noise and vibration, with particular expertise in transport and infrastructure projects.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

As a pioneering acoustic consultancy, SYSTRA offers innovative monitoring and mitigation solutions to minimise noise and vibration from a whole range of transport and infrastructure schemes.

Noise and vibration monitoring

SYSTRA acoustic consultants offer a wide range of noise and vibration monitoring, mitigation and management services. We have a track record in carrying out large-scale noise and vibration modelling and planning, specialising in high-speed rail and conventional rail infrastructure.

Mitigating environmental disturbance

We can provide environmental noise and vibration monitoring to measure and analyse ground borne vibration or airborne noise on or around construction or infrastructure development sites. Our noise monitoring enables us to inform the development of effective mitigation measures to protect people, property and the surrounding environment from noise pollution.

Pre-construction and post-construction assessments

Our specialists carry out a whole range of noise and vibration surveys and assessments. These can include pre-construction noise and vibration monitoring to inform infrastructure design schemes and mitigation measures. Once projects are completed, we can conduct post-construction monitoring to provide long-term noise measurement. This enables us to assess the effectiveness of any noise and vibration mitigation measures and, where necessary, to recommend improvements.


  • Environmental noise and vibration monitoring
  • Monitoring of noise and vibration pre-construction and post construction to inform design of scheme
  • Monitoring of noise to inform mitigation measures
  • Computer noise modelling to predict noise impact of construction sites and operational impacts
  • Specialist and innovative advice on specific contracts
  • Noise and vibration surveys
  • Noise and vibration assessments

Modelling noise and vibration impacts

To help planners develop low-impact solutions, we can use advanced computer noise modelling to predict the noise and vibration likely to be generated by construction sites. These models provide valuable data to inform mitigation strategies and support planning applications.

Innovative acoustic treatments

SYSTRA is a pioneering company in the acoustic consultancy arena. Our highly motivated team of acoustic engineers bring innovative problem-solving approaches to address the noise and vibration issues associated with specific contracts. Our expertise enables us to develop bespoke acoustic engineering solutions for a whole range of construction and infrastructure projects.

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