SYSTRA provides expert advice to support clients across a wide range of transactions and commercial deals. These most commonly involve buying or selling assets, or bidding for franchise and concession rights. However, our work also extends into support across a range of commercial arbitration and legal cases.

Our work extends across the transport industry covering long distance and commuter rail, urban transit (metro, bus and LRT) as well as inter-urban toll roads, congestion charging schemes, tolled crossings and ferry services.

Support for profitable transport investments

Funders, promoters and bidders looking to operate transport services need to understand the current and future costs and revenues, and the potential risks and opportunities in any purchase to help them develop successful bids and proposals. Similarly infrastructure owners and rights holders must have an excellent understanding of future revenue and cost streams to ensure they can gain the best possible deal.

Whether buying or selling an asset or undertaking to operate franchises and concessions to run a service, both parties need to understand and articulate how much the transaction will cost, the resources involved, costs entailed and how much revenue to gain the understanding of its net worth.

SYSTRA offers the necessary expertise and experience across commercial transport transactions to enable clients to deliver winning bids and secure successful sales. We have particular expertise in transport transactions at the interface between public and private sectors, with experience in supporting both buyers and sellers, across all transport modes.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

SYSTRA transport transaction advisory services support clients from project inception, throughout the bidding process and into post-bid business development.

Transport transaction advice from the specialists

Our experienced transport transaction advisors understand the costs and benefits of both existing and new transport infrastructure, alongside the operational and commercial challenges of each transport mode.

Our teams work in advisory capacities for governments, investors, operators and regulators across the commercial space in the UK, Ireland and further afield, helping to deliver a range of successful transactions in urban and inter-urban contexts across rail, bus, ferry and highways operations. We have particular expertise in advising on public private partnership (PPP) transactions. We also provide advice and support on commercial negotiations and offer expert witness services for transport clients.

Transport forecasting and modelling

Our specialists help bidders to compile successful proposals, which may include demonstrating how they will grow revenue and improve service quality, while controlling costs through efficient operation and product, service and pricing innovation. Bidders often need to show they have a robust plan for providing sufficient transport capacity to meet demand, while improving service quality to enhance customer satisfaction.

We have the expertise to develop and run forecasting models tailored to the needs of each commercial opportunity. These could include revenue forecasting models based on socio demographic change, fare models investigating new ticket products, customer demand forecasts based around enhancing passenger satisfaction and operating cost models based on likely changes in resources and prices.

We ensure all models and data comply with appropriate quality assurance and best practice requirements.


  • Revenue forecasting
  • Costing
  • Profitability analysis
  • Crowding modelling
  • Fares modelling and commercial advice
  • Performance modelling
  • Valuation of new products and services
  • Market research including stated preference analysis
  • Customer satisfaction forecasting
  • Bid writing and review
  • Support to commercial arbitration and litigation

Timely, clear and consistent transport bids

The bidding and due diligence process can be demanding, with short timescales in which to produce comprehensive bids or offers. Our team brings together experts from a broad range of transport disciplines who work effectively together to create comprehensive, clear and consistent bid documents for our clients, to ensure the best path to success.

How can our experts help?

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