SYSTRA environmental advisory services help local authorities, planners and developers to make the right decisions at the right time – delivering environmentally sensitive solutions for transport, energy and built-environment infrastructure projects.

Environmentally sustainable infrastructure development

Planners and developers of all types of infrastructure, whether for transport, energy or the built environment, need to consider the impact of their projects on the natural environment and biodiversity. Consideration needs to be given to carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, as well as factoring in long-term climate change adaptation and resilience.

New infrastructure projects must comply with a raft of legislation, including Biodiversity Net Gain and the Water Framework Directive. Projects need to be designed in harmony with their surroundings, and to address long-term environmental impacts if they are to achieve planning permission and environmental consents.

SYSTRA is a market leader in environmental advisory services. We collect and analyse a whole range of data and insights so that we can advise clients on the development of complex infrastructure projects – balancing design, delivery and operational requirements with the need to protect and preserve the natural environment.

Working together with clients, SYSTRA provides the environmental advice needed to develop nature-positive solutions for infrastructure projects on any scale.

Environmental data analysis and interpretation

SYSTRA environmental specialists provide a range of advisory services to help clients deliver major infrastructure projects that meet the needs of all stakeholders, while also minimising environmental impacts and protecting natural resources. Our expertise in data analysis and interpretation enables us to assess and advise on the complex web of environmental impacts and interactions associated with any large infrastructure programme.

Consents and planning permissions

Our team of environmental consultants supports clients through the entire process, from initial feasibility studies to site assessments and throughout the design phases. Our support helps to ensure projects obtain the necessary consents and planning permissions, in line with all relevant environmental legislation.

Our consents and planning specialists provide practical advice and work with client design teams to avoid, remedy or mitigate potential impacts on the environment. We help to prepare consent application documents and liaise with statutory authorities to agree consent requirements.

Research insights and stakeholder consultation

We can carry out social and market research to gather valuable insights, which can be used to inform scheme design and implementation. Through public and stakeholder consultation, we can help garner support and advocacy for new projects, which can ease planning processes.

We also advise on ongoing monitoring and evaluation of completed programmes, to ensure they deliver the promised performance levels and environmental safeguards over the long term.

Environmental modelling and optimisation

We have the technology and expertise to conduct land-use modelling, carbon modelling, traffic simulation, local transport modelling, river modelling, sewer and combined sewer overflow modelling, Biodiversity Net Gain, Smart Cities – to support the development of environmentally optimised solutions.

Our experts in sustainable design, construction and management can advise on solutions that consider the entire lifecycle of the project – addressing all environmental risks and maximising opportunities to deliver positive outcomes.

We draw on expertise from around the globe within the SYSTRA family, to enable us to provide the very latest ground breaking solutions to the challenges posed by the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

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