SYSTRA expertise in intelligent transport systems helps clients to deploy technologies in the most effective and efficient ways to improve transport services, reduce congestion, match transport provision to demand, and improve the travel experience for all users.

Applying technology to solve today’s transport challenges

With urban populations increasing and transport networks under pressure to meet demand, transport operators and authorities need to harness new technologies to create more efficient and effective transport services and infrastructure. Applying new technologies to solve transport-related challenges can help to reduce congestion, reduce emissions, create healthier urban environments and improve transport services for all users.

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) use digital technologies to improve transport utilisation and efficiency across all types of transport, including public, private, social and shared modes. Transport technologies are an enabler, helping to overcome challenges that have not been solved by traditional approaches, or providing opportunities to deliver improvements and efficiencies.

SYSTRA is a centre of excellence for all existing, new and emerging transport technologies. We help to implement intelligent transport systems – ranging from autonomous vehicles to smart highways – to develop transport networks that meet public expectations and achieve government targets.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA offers a highly motivated team of international transport experts to assist with the design, development and delivery of intelligent transport systems.

Making smart connections to improve journeys

Intelligent transport systems offer so many opportunities to improve the travel experience for passengers and the services provided by transport operators. So much data is produced today by smart road systems and transport modes, as well as by the devices owned by every individual. Connecting this data can help to improve the travel experience for everyone, by providing real-time and predictive traveller information systems.

Apps provided by transport operators could draw information from many sources to help passengers plan their journeys, or make the best use of time spent waiting for buses or trains. There are many ways data and technology can be combined to provide hassle-free, seamless journeys for customers, while helping transport providers optimise their resources and deliver services that meet real demand.

Building modern transport networks

SYSTRA has been at the forefront of developing intelligent transport systems for all types of transport – from private to public. We can provide solutions ranging from road-user charging to urban traffic control (UTC) modelling. We can devise fare optimisation solutions and new passenger counting systems that incorporate automatic vehicle location (AVL) and computer-aided dispatching (CAD) systems. We help clients develop electric vehicle (EV) charging strategies and support connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) feasibility, design and delivery programmes.

Our expertise in CAV is helping to develop the infrastructure, communication systems and data protocols required to enable new applications for autonomous vehicles to be delivered.

Pushing the boundaries of transport technology

As a trusted partner, we add value by understanding the different technology solutions available, how they can be implemented, and the benefits of each technology in a range of different scenarios. With expertise across all transport modes, from cycling and walking through to highways and high-speed rail, we can help to integrate different modes to deliver true first-mile to last-mile solutions

The benefits of applying intelligent transport systems to solve today’s challenges include reduced congestion, accelerated decarbonisation, improved public transport efficiency, better demand management, greater accessibility and equitability in transport provision – as well as creating opportunities for revenue generation through future mobility options.

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