SYSTRA understands the realities of operating public transport services today. We use our expertise to advise both transport authorities and transport operators on how to provide the appealing, affordable, reliable services required to attract more people onto public nihil molestiae consequatur.

Improving public transport quality to boost demand

Transport operators, local authorities and governments are working hard to encourage greater use of public transport to support decarbonisation objectives and improve the sustainability of transport. If people are to be encouraged away from their cars, public transport services need to offer a convenient, appealing and reliable alternative.

Delivering transport service quality improvements requires the combined efforts of transport authorities and transport operators. Transport authorities need to develop service quality regimes that are sufficiently challenging yet realistic. Transport operators need to implement service enhancements while providing affordable fares and simple ticketing systems.

SYSTRA has the insider knowledge and experience of public transport operation to help transport companies enhance service quality and fulfil their obligations, and to help transport authorities develop robust service quality regimes.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

SYSTRA has the knowledge required to help improve service quality across train, bus, tram, metro and other public transport services throughout the UK.

Setting high quality standards for public transport

SYSTRA has a track record of helping transport authorities develop service quality regimes that enable service improvements to be implemented consistently across a particular transport service or region, for the benefit of passengers. We have expertise in developing and negotiating service quality standards for use in contracts between private sector operators and government transport bodies.

Measuring performance against service standards

We also help government bodies to hold transport operators to account for their performance against service quality indicators. We do this by evaluating the performance of operators against key service performance measures. The results help operators to identify areas for improvement, so that limited resources can be targeted most effectively to deliver better transport services.

Implementing efficient, affordable service improvements

Our transport team includes specialists who have worked within the public transport industry, operating train and bus services. That gives us the expertise to advise transport operators on how to deliver service quality improvements in the most efficient and affordable ways. We understand how to get the best value from service improvements and to target areas that will have the greatest impact on passenger satisfaction.

Our team has built up excellent connections with public and private sector transport operators, enabling us to develop and share best practice for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Adapting public transport to new travel patterns

There has been a great deal of upheaval in the public transport sector in recent years, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Established travel patterns have changed dramatically, with reductions in commuter-related and business travel, alongside changes in peak demand times. To help transport operators adapt to these new realities, we apply our transport operational planning expertise to develop schedules and route plans that offer the most appropriate services for today’s travelers.

Encouraging more people onto public transport

We have expertise in fare-setting and ticketing systems, to help simplify transport planning and payment for passengers. Providing affordable, flexible fares and easily accessible ticketing is an important element in encouraging more people to opt for public transport.

Working together with governments, local authorities and transport operators, we create attractive, reliable and accessible public transport services – improving the travel experience for passengers and helping the UK achieve its net-zero targets.

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