The quantity surveying specialists at SYSTRA take charge of cost forecasting and management from beginning to end of construction and engineering projects on any scale – enabling clients to deliver successful infrastructure programmes within budget.

Adding value through accurate cost control

Controlling costs and risks is critical to the success of any major construction or infrastructure development project. Project owners and developers need to understand the cost implications of every decision they make, from initial planning and feasibility through to on-site construction and ongoing maintenance.

It’s essential to accurately forecast costs from the outset, to determine the scope of the project and calculate what can be delivered for a given budget. Throughout the project, costs need to be monitored so that plans can be adapted quickly in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as an increase in material costs or delays on site. Cost management is the responsibility of quantity surveyors, who also need to build lifetime costs into their forecasts, taking into account the adaptations required for climate change or emerging technologies.

SYSTRA has a team of experienced and highly qualified quantity surveyors who help clients plan and manage their budgets on complex infrastructure projects in the transport, energy, environmental and urban-development sectors.

Discover how SYSTRA can deliver reassurance that costs, sustainability, safety, and risks will be carefully controlled through all project delivery phases.

At SYSTRA, our quantity surveyors take responsibility for managing costs from start to finish of every contract.

Integrated cost and project management

SYSTRA quantity surveyors play a key role in the delivery of efficient programme and project management for our clients. Working alongside our engineering project planners, commercial and construction managers and contract risk management specialists, our quantity surveyors ensure that cost and value are managed precisely through every phase of project delivery.

Identifying time and cost efficiencies

Our track record in complex infrastructure budgeting enables us to provide accurate cost plans, and to identify efficiencies that could save time and cost over the whole project. We carry out regular cost evaluations and reporting throughout large-scale projects, ensuring accurate payments are made to contractors and sub-contractors at every stage.

Enabling responsive change management

We enable timely change management, ensuring that up-to-date costs and entitlements are presented to clients, reflecting any unforeseen changes that arise during the project. By quickly and accurately assessing the implications of any changes, we enable clients to make rapid decisions and ensure projects are completed in a timely and affordable manner.

Cost control from start to finish – on every project

Developers and project owners tasked with delivering complex infrastructure or construction projects can rely on the quantity surveying specialists at SYSTRA to take control of cost and value management from start to finish. Managing costs is the key to successful project delivery, and our expertise enables clients to create realistic cost plans and complete important infrastructure or buildings within budget.

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