The multi-disciplinary specialists at SYSTRA provide safe and resilient transport and infrastructure solutions, with confidence. We apply our expertise to help the world move forward.

Our dedicated experts help to solve the social, economic and technical challenges of today, creating sustainable infrastructure that supports global growth, prosperity and well-being.

With our expertise in planning, project management, design, engineering and delivery, we inspire confidence in the communities we serve – providing safe, accessible and enduring infrastructure solutions for the future.

The health, safety and security of our colleagues and the projects we deliver is our No.1 priority.

Our core values are 

EXCELLENCE, Bold Leadership, Connected Teams


Rooted in our engineering culture, excellence is both an objective and a way of working throughout our business. Our clients are ambitious and demanding, and they trust us to design and deliver the very best technical and engineering solutions – optimising safety, performance and sustainability.


We achieve the best results through teamwork. We connect and coordinate our multi-disciplinary teams to respond to the most complex challenges. By going beyond cultural and technical particularities, we create teams united around common objectives, in which the talents of each individual contribute to our overall success.


We anticipate and embrace change. Our projects profoundly transform communities. Via our capacity for innovation and our project management know-how, we bring fresh answers to our clients and the bold leadership necessary to implement change. Our task is to consider, design and imagine the infrastructure of tomorrow.

projects with significant social impact

Take a look at how SYSTRA is transforming cities, reinvigorating communities and levelling up societies through sustainable infrastructure developments. We design and deliver projects throughout the transport sector, covering rail, road, public transport and active travel; in the energy sector, we pioneer sustainable power solutions; and in the built environment, we support residential, commercial, industrial and retail developments on any scale.

Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

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Health, Safety & Security

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Sustainability at SYSTRA

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Our Colleagues

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