Working with multiple authorities, SYSTRA is leading the design, development and delivery of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions. These integrated transport systems make it easy for people to make end-to-end journeys using multiple modes of transport, booked via a central app.

A new approach to sustainable mobility

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) can provide the framework for true mobility reform – encouraging the shift towards public and active modes of transport. It can provide the catalyst to rethink transport offerings within an area and create more integrated transport networks that meet the needs of the community, while improving air quality and creating transport efficiencies that directly impact economic growth and prosperity.

The complexity of designing and delivering new Mobility as a Service solutions presents many challenges to local and regional authorities. These challenges include assessing demand and patterns of mobility, integrating multiple modes of transport in a joined-up service offering, incorporating new mobility modes, developing technical systems to support region-wide transport integration, and creating demand-responsive transport services to connect wider rural communities.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has the potential to significantly improve movement within cities and rural areas by providing more connected, flexible and sustainable ways of travelling. As specialists in multi-modal transport and new transport technologies, SYSTRA is ideally placed to help cities cities and regions develop transformational MaaS solutions.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA has supported the delivery of pioneering Mobility as a Service systems that are helping to shape the sustainable, user-focused transport solutions of the future.

Transport solutions for changing travel patterns

Changing working practices and movement patterns have profoundly altered the patterns of usage for public and private transport. These changes have increased the need for more versatile, end-to-end and easily accessible transport offerings, supported by user-friendly travel planning and ticket purchasing systems.

Mobility as a Service provides new opportunities to simplify travel planning and the provision of transport services. It is likely that there will be as many different implementations of MaaS as there are clusters of transport at service providers in each region. Delivering MaaS requires service integration across an orchestrated group of providers that are efficient, commercially viable and increasingly aligned with sustainability objectives.

Technology to address urgent transport challenges

Developing an effective MaaS system helps to address mobility-related issues – such as congestion in cities, environmental challenges, accessibility, the use of public space, and financing for transport systems. To enable clients to develop successful MaaS systems, our specialists help them make sense of the web of interconnections that link different modes of transport, taking into account the economic and human considerations that must shape the way transport services are designed and delivered.

SYSTRA helps clients to forge links between stakeholders in the mobility sector, so that all parties can work together to develop practical, useful travel services, supported by accessible passenger planning and booking tools.

How can SYSTRA help to develop and deliver MaaS systems?

SYSTRA has expertise across the many disciplines required to plan, develop and deliver successful MaaS services. Our social market researchers can conduct research, stakeholder engagement and public consultations to inform transport strategies across an area or region.

We can guide local or regional authorities through the process of defining a MaaS project, including business model development, governance, partnership strategies and action plans. We understand how to integrate new and emerging mobility technologies to enable passengers to make complete first-mile/last-mile journeys from door to destination.

We can bring together different transport operators to develop joined-up services, develop fare strategies and ticketing solutions to enable passengers to access all transport options. To deliver the MaaS planning and booking application used by passengers, we can provide data and insights to inform the development of suitable technology, prioritising open standards that are accessible to the widest range of people.

We provide ongoing support by helping to inform future decision-making. We can use data gathered by MaaS technical systems to help build a better understanding of demand and movement patterns – so that integrated transport services across a region can be constantly refined and adapted.

Sustainable transport solutions designed around people

MaaS services are key to the future of mobility in cities and regions, enabling local and regional authorities to meet sustainability, social mobility, economic regeneration and healthy community objectives.

From a passenger point of view, Mobility as a Service solutions enable people to plan, book and pay for multiple modes of transport to complete their desired journeys, via a single accessible platform.

How can our experts help?

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