SYSTRA has proven expertise in developing business cases that help new infrastructure and construction schemes to gain funding approval. Our business case services support projects in the energy, environment, security, transport, buildings and property sectors.

Building the case for new infrastructure developments

Local authorities and developers need to secure funding to get new infrastructure or construction projects off the ground. That requires a robust business case with a strong evidence base to demonstrate the social and environmental benefits, financial sustainability and value for money of any proposed scheme.

Business cases need to clearly identify the impacts and benefits of any project, and must be robust enough to withstand scrutiny by planning authorities, funding bodies and public enquiries. One of the biggest challenges is finding specialists with the necessary expertise to deliver fully compliant, properly researched business cases. Constantly changing guidance adds another challenge, while different government departments have different competitive funding requirements, which adds to the governance and technical complexities of applying for funding.

SYSTRA has the capability and capacity to deliver end-to-end business case services, helping clients navigate the challenges of complying with relevant regulations and competition rules – and giving them the best chance of gaining funding approval for their projects.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA has the in-house expertise across the business to take the lead in all aspects of preparing appraisals and business cases for all types of infrastructure scheme, from flood defences to energy-from-waste facilities.

SYSTRA has always been at the forefront of efforts to develop more comprehensive appraisals for infrastructure business cases. We seek to go beyond established guidance to deliver creative business cases that provide persuasive evidence to support proposed schemes. We were among the first to develop and adopt emerging techniques such as Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs), Urban Realm Valuation and Multi-Criteria Assessments (MCA).

Support for successful planning and funding applications

To create powerful business cases, we carry out relevant demand, revenue and benefit forecasts, environmental appraisals and risk assessments – and quantify local, regional and national economic impacts.

We understand how to develop comprehensive, fully evidenced business cases, ensuring they can withstand the scrutiny of planning authorities and funding bodies, as well as any potential wider scrutiny during public inquiry procedures.

What’s more, we recognise the value of business cases in supporting engagement with local residents, businesses and wider stakeholders – helping to garner advocacy among communities impacted by new infrastructure projects. Business cases can also be used to encourage wider investments associated with the new development, including investments in community amenities, commercial or residential developments.

Business cases for all infrastructure projects

We have the expertise to develop business cases for all types of infrastructure project. Our business case services can be applied to projects of all sizes – including transport schemes, environmental schemes, energy facilities, construction projects and security infrastructure. Our environment team, for example, has the skills to carry out flood risk assessments to support investments in water infrastructure, in line with Environment Agency Multi-Coloured Manual guidance.

By delivering the most robust and compliant business cases for our clients, we enable new infrastructure projects to progress smoothly through the funding and planning approval processes – so they can be implemented promptly.

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