SYSTRA specialises in climate change adaptation and infrastructure resilience. We have the expertise to assess and manage risks, develop adaptation measures and resilience strategies – delivering green infrastructure with co-benefits for public health and economic development.

Facing up to the impacts of climate change

Climate change is already causing sea level rises and increasingly severe weather conditions across the UK. That creates problems for our buildings and infrastructure, such as flooding, extreme temperature and wind damage. Even with comprehensive net zero carbon strategies in place, local authorities, developers, asset owners and infrastructure managers need to adapt properties and infrastructure to cope with the impacts of climate change.

Preparing for and adapting to climate change is a complex undertaking, given the uncertainty around climate change impacts and the associated risks. Collecting and analysing reliable data on climate change be challenging, and implementing measures to improve resilience and reduce vulnerability can be expensive. There is a need to raise awareness of the risks within organisations, and to engage stakeholders to support infrastructure resilience planning and implementation.

At SYSTRA we have the expertise and capabilities to assess climate change risks and vulnerabilities – and to design sustainable adaptation and protection schemes for all types of building and infrastructure.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

SYSTRA helps organisations to address climate-related challenges with sustainable adaptation measures, including flood defence and prevention, sustainable drainage, erosion protection and green infrastructure schemes.

As a consultancy firm specialising in climate change adaptation and asset resilience, SYSTRA has vast experience in developing solutions for government agencies, local authorities and transport infrastructure providers across the UK.

Customised climate change adaptation schemes

To help clients address the uncertainty and complexity associated with climate change adaptation, SYSTRA offers a diverse a team of experts with specialised knowledge and experience in climate change adaptation and asset resilience. We work with clients to develop customised solutions tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each project, taking into account location, asset type, risk factors and budget.

Data-driven resilience planning

To overcome the problems of data availability faced by many clients, we offer the latest data and analytical tools to assess climate risks and vulnerabilities for specific buildings or infrastructure. Our data-driven approach enables clients to make well-informed decisions about climate change adaptation and resilience schemes. Managing costs in any adaptation programme is a top priority, and we help clients identify the most cost-effective measures to provide the maximum benefit for minimal investment.

Raising awareness of climate-related risks

Gaining internal and external stakeholder support is vital in any major infrastructure adaptation programme. The key to gaining advocacy is raising awareness of the issues and the importance of taking positive action. SYSTRA can deliver education and awareness-raising campaigns to help clients and stakeholders understand the risks and benefits of climate adaptation and resilience. We can also help clients to build partnerships with relevant government agencies, private-sector partners and community groups to strengthen support for climate change adaptations.

Innovation in infrastructure resilience

Crucially, SYSTRA has the expertise to identify and implement truly innovative solutions to address the potential impacts of climate change. These could include implementing new technologies or designing green infrastructure solutions, such as parks or rain gardens that provide ecological benefits as well as mitigating the impacts of climate change.


  • Climate scenario modelling
  • Climate mapping
  • Spatial finance due diligence
  • Transition scenario modelling
  • Climate stress-testing of assets
  • Exposure assessment for physical climate risks
  • Asset futureproofing

Long-term benefits of climate change adaptation

The benefits of adapting to the impacts of climate change cannot be overstated. Taking action now to develop customised adaptation and resilience solutions will reduce vulnerability to climate-related risks, such as extreme weather events and flooding. Our climate change adaptation and resilience services also help clients to understand and comply with relevant climate-related regulations and standards.

Improving the resilience of infrastructure, buildings and equipment delivers long-term benefits, including cost savings on future repairs or upgrades. There are also considerable co-benefits to many adaptation projects, including improvements to public health and support for economic development.

“Climate change is having a dramatic impact on transport assets. Protecting infrastructure will build long-term resilience and preserve vital connectivity, local economies, and communities, while benefiting the next generation.”

Romain Pison, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability, SYSTRA

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