SYSTRA has been at the forefront of transport modelling for more than 50 years, and has developed innovative data modelling tools to help clients in multiple sectors appraise the impacts and outcomes of their schemes and proposals.

Harnessing data for sustainable development

The proliferation of data generated and shared by new technologies and monitoring systems today offers huge potential for developers and local authorities to shape new infrastructure around the real needs, behaviours and preferences of people and organisations.

Collating, processing and analysing the wide-ranging datasets now available is a specialised undertaking, requiring data science expertise allied with the latest data modelling technology. Using this data, it’s possible to produce models to appraise a whole range of scenarios, covering demand and behavioural change, climate change impacts, public transport schemes, highways proposals, energy infrastructure developments, and more.

SYSTRA data modelling teams use the best tools on the market to ensure our clients achieve their transport and infrastructure planning aims and objectives.

Comprehensive and innovative data modelling

Working with clients, we focus our data modelling on specific project needs and provide approaches and tools that are proportionate, evidence-based and ‘fit for purpose’.

We use innovative data visualisation techniques to ensure that complex model outputs are clearly presented – so they can be fully understood and interrogated by all stakeholders, irrespective of their data modelling knowledge.

Modelling expertise for multiple applications

We deliver mainstream multi-modal and microsimulation modelling applications, such as scheme business cases, transport strategy development, land use planning appraisals and public transport patronage forecasting.

We also develop tools and methods that support advanced appraisals of issues that are a high priority for our clients, including:

  • Climate emergency tools that can model carbon emissions from various sources and the impacts of decarbonisation measures.
  • Active travel mode appraisals to predict the usage and benefits of cycling and walking infrastructure.
  • Low Emission/Clean Air Zone assessments to predict the impacts of different measures on transport behaviour and emissions.
  • Predictive tools to identify the need and location for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Alternative futures modelling, reflecting behavioural research into future transport systems and proposed infrastructure schemes.

Advances in data modelling

Our data modelling and analytics team has a strong reputation for meeting the needs of clients in all sectors – delivering innovative modelling solutions that help to inform critical decisions about all types of transport and infrastructure project.

We have developed simplified modelling approaches, which allow more scenarios to be assessed in a shorter period of time. This enables us to appraise a greater range of alternative policy responses and future outcomes – providing greater value for our clients.

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