With our expertise in all modes of transport, combined with our understanding and experience of emerging smart mobility technologies, SYSTRA is helping to shape the future of sustainable, efficient and equitable transport solutions.

Unlocking the potential of new transport technologies

Emerging smart mobility technologies are evolving to meet changing transport user and economic demands. Emerging and future transport technologies will be an essential element in the delivery of more efficient, sustainable, accessible and equitable transport solutions.

For local authorities, developers, private-sector businesses and other organisations, it’s difficult to know where to begin when planning to implement new mobility technologies to deliver greater cost efficiencies, convenience and sustainability for transport users. Getting to grips with the technical capabilities of new transport technologies, knowing where to start and choosing the right options for each application requires expert support from future transport specialists.

SYSTRA is at the cutting edge of assessing, designing and developing new technologies to meet the evolving needs of transport users and providers. Our specialists help clients to solve future mobility challenges by applying the right technologies to deliver long-term benefits.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA understands current and emerging transport technologies, and we have the experience and skillset to deliver innovative solutions to meet challenging business requirements.

Incorporating transport technology into everyday life

Over the past 50 years our expectations of technology and our reliance on it have grown exponentially – from the application of real-time data to manage transport services more efficiently, through to the use of predictive analysis and artificial intelligence to design, develop and deliver safer and more sustainable transport systems.

SYSTRA has been involved in incorporating transport technology into everyday life from the outset. Smart transport technologies are already being used to provide better highways management, variable road pricing and road user charging systems. Smart highway infrastructure can now identify stalled vehicles or debris on the highway, and even automatically analyse the impact of speed alterations to adjust speed limits in real time – all of which help to improve the safe and efficient management of road users and infrastructure.

Improving public transport for everyone

Emerging smart technologies are not limited to the strategic road network. They can play a pivotal role in delivering smart urban publicly available transport, including demand-responsive transit services, potentially coupled with autonomous vehicles to provide door-to-door or first-mile / last-mile services. Using the right smart transport options can breathe new life into rural communities, where traditional fixed-route public transport options are no longer viable or well used.

SYSTRA has helped to introduce new MaaS (Mobility as a Service) capabilities and future transport zones, which are app based. These will evolve to create a more integrated transport environment, where different modes are combined to allow users to plan and make complete door-to-door journeys, tailored to their specific needs

Delivering sustainable long-term transport options

The team at SYSTRA understands the opportunities that emerging smart technologies can play within the transport sector to improve out collective travel experience. Our expertise can help clients make sense of the opportunities available and the potential applications for new technologies. We take time to understand the requirements of each client, whether the focus is on private or public transport, shared services or active modes

With our support, clients can deploy the most effective emerging mobility technologies to achieve greater efficiencies and deliver decarbonisation. We can help to develop transport technology strategies that integrate with long-term sustainability goals and transport management plans.

How can our experts help?

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