SYSTRA helps our Clients and Partners deliver their most challenging Water and Climate driven projects. SYSTRA is able to help protect communities from flood risks and the impacts of climate change while managing valuable water resources in the most efficient and sustainable ways, ensuring water is conserved and used intelligently.

Looking after our most valuable resource

Water is perhaps the most valuable resource for humanity and the environment. As the human population grows, it’s more important than ever to manage water resources and water infrastructure efficiently and sustainably, while mitigating flood risks to protect communities and the environment from the impacts of climate change.

Governments, local authorities, water companies and infrastructure developers need to take water management seriously in the planning, design and implementation of new transport infrastructure, commercial and residential developments, energy infrastructure and environmental management schemes. The costs and benefits of different water management options need to be assessed, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Any organisation developing a project that involves flood alleviation, river engineering, drainage design or water resource management needs the support of multi-disciplinary specialists to ensure water is managed in optimum ways for the benefit of people and the environment.

SYSTRA is a market-leading water resource management consultancy, offering flood risk scheme design and delivery, as well as fluvial, surface, ground and coastal water management and drainage solutions.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

The water and climate solutions specialists at SYSTRA understand how to assess and manage water to improve both quality of life and the environment for better placemaking.

Best practice in water and climate solution management

The SYSTRA water and climate solution management team has in-depth expertise of delivering water management solutions for some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world. We apply the expertise and best practice developed on these global projects to design, manage and deliver the highest quality water management and flood alleviation solutions for the UK.

Sustainable infrastructure and flood alleviation schemes

We specialise in devising nature-based solutions that deliver carbon efficiencies in line with net-zero objectives. Our skilled specialists have the highest level qualifications, giving us the knowledge required to develop innovative infrastructure solutions that address all the challenges facing the water industry in the modern age.

We use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help us develop smart water and flood management solutions. Our combination of technology and multi-disciplinary expertise enables us to support clients from conception and design through to the delivery of complex infrastructure projects and flood risk protection schemes.

Our water and climate solutions management services include:

  • Climate resilience and adaptation – we understand the challenges posed by our changing climate and have the expertise to help clients build climate change resilience into project and infrastructure designs.
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling – for rivers, piped networks, erosion/deposition and structures. Our rivers and drainage speciaists have extensive experience in sewer network modelling, MicroDrainage, 1D and 2D river and tidal modelling.
  • Improvement studies – for flooding, surface water drainage, land drainage, water quality and quantity management, ecological and flood warning schemes. We specialise in developing solutions for complex flooding problems.
  • Strategic asset management – developing capital and operational works programmes, with 3-5 year investment planning cycles. We use digital twin technology to support predictive maintenance for essential water assets. Our team specialises in providing advice for planning and optimising investment at the greatest point of need over a long-term planning cycle.
  • Urban planning – we have significant capability in helping to create urban areas that are more sustainable and welcoming places for people and businesses. Our urban plans can incorporate blue-green corridors to enhance habitats, watercourse rehabilitation, retro-fitting of sustainable drainage systems (SuDs), flood risk assessments, smart water (GIS), public realm and placemaking, regional and local planning policies
  • Regulation and assurance – we have wide-ranging, specialist knowledge of the regulatory requirements concerning planning and works within the floodplain and the river/coastal environment.
  • Research and development – we can support clients with research and development in areas such as Communities at Risk, Natural Flood Risk Management and Pollution Distribution in a Water body.
  • Track, highway and land drainage – we offer drainage optioneering and design services for all types of infrastructure and new development, with particular expertise in developing sustainable drainage systems (SuDs).


  • Business case development
  • Environmental and economic appraisal
  • Climate and flood resilience
  • Civil engineering design
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling
  • Improvement studies
  • Infrastructure project delivery
  • Regulation and assurance
  • Research and development
  • Strategic asset management
  • Urban planning
  • Water resources and water quality planning

Working together to preserve precious resources

The range of expertise within our business enables us to offer this breadth of services to clients, from government bodies through to planners and developers. Working together with our clients, we focus on managing water resources effectively and maintaining water quality, while protecting people and places from the impacts of climate change.

Together we can help to manage this most valuable resource in ways that improve the quality of life for people and enhance diverse environments for future generations.

How can our experts help?

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