SYSTRA USA is home to people who work daily to solve technical challenges. We are designers, engineers, architects, and construction managers for public transportation, education, and housing authorities. Through our work, we facilitate access to employment, education, and leisure.

We put our most valuable asset first – our people. And believe that if we support our employees to be the best they can be, we will do our finest work for our clients and partners. SYSTRA is committed to working ethically and responsibly. Sustainable development is a key component to all we do.


ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Designers, Construction and Program Managers, Experts.

We are fortunate to work for a company where technical excellence is connected to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our employees come from different backgrounds, and we enjoy a rich and open corporate culture where all perspectives are purposefully regarded, creating value for our employees, clients, partners, and communities.

We want SYSTRA to be a place where we all feel we belong.

Our work features innovative, yet practical solutions that help shape tomorrow's world.

“SYSTRA USA is a world-class team of passionate, creative, and diverse professionals who are guided by our corporate values of Excellence–we work to the highest levels of technical acumen in every way we operate, Connected Teams that collaborate and encourage one another, and Bold Leadership that embraces challenges and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Our employees bring their all and do their best to uphold our standards that help the world move forward.”

Kimberly Slaughter

Chief Executive Officer, SYSTRA USA


. I have been afforded the opportunity to use my skills, knowledge, and abilities, while voicing my opinion when it is required.

Not only am I honing my skills as a software developer with my supervisor’s guidance but am also learning about the systems that operate our public transportation networks.

The opportunity for professional growth, with vision to help the growth of the company and build a US rolling stock team is why I joined SYSTRA

SYSTRA has given me the freedom, patience, and flexibility to grow, explore, and blossom professionally and personally.

SYSTRA has created a comforting environment for employees. It is easy to approach any employee and get a feeling of family.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments. This has enabled me to acquire skills in several areas of the transportation systems field that has allowed me to grow my career

My favorite part of working at SYSTRA is the people I work with every day. We have understanding and trust among us that truly brings us together

Although it is a global organization, SYSTRA has a culture of close interaction among colleagues. Everyone is ready to offer insight and advice at a moment’s notice.

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Our ambition is to be the Signature Team for transportation and facilities solutions. We do this by engaging bright minds to design, engineer, and help construct public transportation and infrastructure that invigorates communities.
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