SYSTRA takes a creative and collaborative approach to planning and designing streets and transport infrastructure that not only considers the movement requirements of people of all ages and abilities but also what’s needed to deliver sustainable and liveable places.

How can urban mobility help deliver good places?

Urban areas and people’s lives are complicated and so planning and delivering sustainable transport networks is a major challenge.

Planning and design must not only consider the technical delivery of each transport mode, but also address the diverse needs and priorities of multiple stakeholders and the public.

Transport schemes must also respond to and help deliver a wide range of objectives, including reducing carbon impacts, improving health and well-being, supporting high street economies and enhancing liveability in urban areas. Applying for and gaining funding for new schemes is another significant challenge.

At SYSTRA, we understand this complexity and also the importance of engaging with stakeholders and embracing new data sources and analysis tools to enhance our understanding of urban movement. We have the experience and resources to help develop sustainable transport solutions that enhance people’s quality of life and the sustainability of new developments and urban areas.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA urban designers, transport planners, engineers and data scientists help to deliver diverse transport planning and engineering projects that enable easy movement of people and have placemaking at their heart.

Place-led approach to transport planning

Our approach to transport planning and design is to understand the ‘place’ as well as all the issues associated with ‘movement’ and to think imaginatively about how the two can work together. This place-led approach ensures that transport investments contribute positively to the broader experience, quality and sustainability of urban life.

Creating sustainable, liveable places

We work for public and private-sector clients on projects of all sizes, from the development of urban transport strategies, masterplans and walking and cycling strategies to street and public realm design. We devise transport infrastructure that meets specific local objectives, such as 20-minute neighbourhoods, low-traffic districts, walkable neighbourhoods and healthy streets. We consider the needs of all transport users and all modes of movement, and determine how all of these can be accommodated while enhancing the ‘place’ as a whole.

Connecting Cheltenham Connectivity & Modal Shift Strategy


  • Design and planning for walking and cycling
  • Street design
  • Integrated urban movement planning
  • Assessing carbon and health impacts of interventions
  • Engagement

Multi-disciplinary placemaking consultancy

To provide valuable insights and solve complex urban transport and placemaking problems, we bring together multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, transport planners, data scientists and urban designers. We also work collaboratively with our clients, other design professionals, stakeholders and the public to deliver transport infrastructure that creates sustainable and liveable places.

Securing investment in transport infrastructure

With movement and place at the forefront of national and local government initiatives, funding is available to support growth in this market. SYSTRA has an excellent track record of sourcing and securing funding to unlock transport schemes that actively support a healthier and more sustainable environment.

“The way we move around affects everything about places. It affects their vibrancy, the health of the people that live there, their carbon impact and how much spare income people have. We know we need to reduce car use, but it’s complicated, and not simply a matter of providing facilities and asking people to give up their cars. As transport planners and engineers, we need to paint a positive vision of how much better places can be with fewer cars – and we need to deliver this while ensuring transport projects always enhance places as well as improving transport.”

Emily Walsh, Associate Director, SYSTRA

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