SYSTRA offers expert consulting services in hydrogen energy, fuel cell infrastructure, and hydrogen transport and storage. Our team of experienced professionals provides solutions for renewable hydrogen production, national hydrogen infrastructure assessment, and hydrogen distribution facilities design.

Building tomorrow’s hydrogen energy infrastructure

Hydrogen is increasingly recognised as a viable alternative to fossil fuels in the drive to decarbonise the transport and energy sectors. However, the hydrogen industry is in its infancy and many of the technologies required for hydrogen production, transport and storage are in the early stages of development. Hydrogen solutions needs to be specifically assessed from technical and commercial viability standpoints.

Businesses, government agencies, infrastructure developers and energy companies need expert help to evaluate and implement the right hydrogen technologies for their applications. The high cost of hydrogen production, transport and storage compared to traditional fossil fuels can make it difficult to justify up-front investment.

A recent and evolving legal framework for hydrogen infrastructure adds to the complexity of planning and developing hydrogen projects. Safety is another key consideration, given the high flammability of the fuel, requiring robust safety measures in all hydrogen facilities and operation

The hydrogen energy consulting team at SYSTRA helps clients navigate these complex challenges. With our expertise in hydrogen energy systems and infrastructure, we help clients choose the optimum hydrogen solutions to meet their specific decarbonisation, resilience and efficiency objectives.

SYSTRA has the expertise in hydrogen energy technologies and infrastructure to help businesses, utility companies, infrastructure planners, policymakers and investors to develop robust hydrogen solutions that support the UK’s decarbonisation objectives.

Developing a hydrogen economy requires close coordination and integration among stakeholders along the entire supply chain. SYSTRA has expertise to support collaboration between organisations involved in everything from hydrogen production to fuel cell deployment. This is vital in helping to scale up the hydrogen infrastructure in the UK as part of delivering a net-zero carbon economy.

To support the adoption and growth of hydrogen energy applications, our hydrogen consulting specialists support clients at every stage of project development. This includes assessing the feasibility of hydrogen projects and evaluating the different technologies through to developing business plans and financial models, navigating regulatory requirements and managing safety and risk.

SYSTRA offers a range of hydrogen consulting services to clients in the hydrogen energy and infrastructure market:

We help clients assess the technical and financial feasibility of hydrogen projects, including evaluating potential production sites, transport routes and storage solutions. Our cutting-edge modelling capabilities help clients identify the most promising opportunities and make well-informed investment decisions.

Technology and solution evaluation

Our specialists work closely with clients to evaluate the different technologies and solutions for hydrogen production, transport and storage, based on their specific needs and goals. Our support includes assessing the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of different solutions.

Business plan and financial model development

Accessing funds is one of the biggest challenges in getting hydrogen projects off the ground. We help clients develop business plans and financial models, including identifying potential revenue streams, evaluating costs and risks, and forecasting cash flow and profitability. This expert planning and modelling helps clients secure vital financing and attract investment for their hydrogen infrastructure developments.

Managing regulatory compliance

With our up-to-date knowledge of current regulations and guidance, we help clients navigate the complex and evolving regulatory landscape for hydrogen energy and infrastructure. We ensure clients understand and comply with relevant regulations and standards, and also provide advocacy services for clients in regulatory proceedings.

Safety and risk management

Protecting workers, customers and the general public must be a priority in the development of any hydrogen facilities and operations. Our experts guide clients through the process of managing safety and risk related to hydrogen infrastructure, including developing safety protocols and risk-management plans, and providing training and support for employees and stakeholders.

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