SYSTRA Thailand was established in 2000 and has been at the forefront of transport planning, traffic engineering and infrastructure developments in Thailand and internationally as demonstrated by the many existing examples of key public and private sector projects, in which SYSTRA has played a major role. We work with clients to think through complex issues, concerning the location and movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and provide the highest technical quality and commercially viable mobility solutions as part of our DNA to optimise the development potential.
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SYSTRA Thailand plays a leading role in every aspect of highway planning, design, implementation and operations for government agencies. We develop transport network strategies, traffic engineering and operational solutions for both design and construction stages on major highway infrastructure projects. We have successfully implemented various traffic management solutions to facilitate large scale complicated road works in congested network in cities.

Our services:

  • Development Planning & Traffic Impact Assessment
  • Strategic & District Planning
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Mega Transport Hub & Mixed-Used Development
  • Car park Layout
  • Port & Airport

TRANSPORt Planning

SYSTRA Thailand is a forefront leader in developing national, regional and urban transport strategies and policies to provide frameworks for cost-effective and sustainable development to meet the objectives at national, regional, urban, and community levels around the region.

Our services:

  • Strategic Modelling & Forecasting
  • Vehicle & Pedestrian Simulation & Forecasting

Transport Modelling

SYSTRA Thailand is a leader in developing complex mathematical models that are built on the relationship between transport and urban form for future generations. SYSTRA Thailand offers specialist expertise in transport modelling, ranging from assessment of highway, railway and multi-modal network planning and optimization solutions, through to local area 3D micro-simulations that substantiate technical assessment through visualization.

Our services:

  • Active Mobility & Green Transport
  • Digital solutions (TESS, Simulation tools…)

Smart & SUStainable Mobility

Planning Future Smart Mobility is one of SYSTRA Thailand core business principles. SYSTRA Thailand is the forefront leader in developing Smart and Innovative solutions in making transport systems safe, efficient and reliable. We work from inception to implementation stages towards delivering efficient, cost-effective, and future-proofing solutions adopting Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Green Transport Strategies and Design to help building smart, sustainable and resilience cities.

Our services:

  • Strategic Modelling & Forecasting
  • Vehicle & Pedestrian Simulation & Forecasting


SYSTRA Thailand specialises in transportation systems and provide you with the expertise your projects need. Across modes, disciplines, roles and project phases, our Asia system engineering centre constitutes you daily project partner and connects you with our worldwide network of subject matter experts.

Our services:

  • System Assurance & ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Independent Certification & Expertise
  • Design & Delivery


Originated from subsidiaries of the two main urban rail and railways operators in Thailand, our company has always been capitalising on these inherited skills to think as an Operator when engaging in system engineering projects.

Our services:

  • Shadow Operator
  • Asset Management
Our Iconic Projects
SYSTRA Thailand delivers excellent projects to its clients and partners solving biggest challenges in a unique perspective!
Traffic Study for ICONSIAM Development, Bangkok
CentralWorld, Bangkok
BTS Skytrain, Bangkok
Dusit Central Park, Bangkok
Langsuan Village, Bangkok
True Digital Park, Bangkok
Central Embassy Traffic Study Project, Bangkok
Bangkok Expressway Studies

Confidence Moves the World

SYSTRA’s mission is to design safe and sustainable transport solutions. To achieve this, we count on all our employees, men and women who share our values, our commitments, who innovate with passion to build tomorrow’s mobility today.
Careers at SYSTRA

your new life at systra Thailand

SYSTRA Thailand has established long and successful relationships with both Government and the private sector, on some of the most prestigious transportation and development projects. Projects are frequently undertaken using both Thai and international resources, enabling us to combine international expertise with local knowledge and experience.

SYSTRA Thailand was established in December 2000, with a permanent office in Bangkok. The Bangkok office is supported from our regional headquarters in Hong Kong. Both companies are part of the SYSTRA Group, comprising 10,300 experts specialised in transport and mobility solutions.

Thakonlaphat JENJIWATTANAKUL, Associate Director

Francis SOOTOO, Vice President Business Development – Consulting

SYSTRA Thailand is unique. We practice what we preach to achieve our client’s vision.

Kritsda TANGKAVACHIRANON – Managing Director

Taweesak BANAWIROON – Technical Director

We value our staff and train them up to meet future challenges and expectation from the clients and also provide a good career development program.

SYSTRA Thailand offers all its talents a stimulating environment serving the development of sustainable mobility. Come and link your area of expertise to those of more than 10,300 passionate people spread across 5 continents and develop your potential on enriching and diversified assignments.
Start a career at SYSTRA Thailand
Francis SOOTOO, Vice President Business Development – Consulting
Kritsda TANGKAVACHIRANON – Managing Director
Taweesak BANAWIROON – Technical Director

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