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Sustainability at SYSTRA means creating shared value for all our stakeholders equally, and reconnecting economic success with social and environmental progress.

There has never been a more important time for us to act collectively to address the challenges facing society, the economy and our planet – from making the transition to a low-carbon future to building sustainable societies and preserving the natural environment.

At SYSTRA, our business exists to address society’s needs through transport, energy and related infrastructure and services. Sustainability is about getting the balance right in addressing the complex needs of different stakeholders and earning their trust. In every project and solution we deliver, we aim to create economic and social well-being, and to make a positive impact on the environment. We provide a supportive environment for our people to thrive, learn and contribute to our sustainability mission and the social issues that matter to them. We only work for and with organisations that share our sustainable aspirations.

Introducing our sustainability mission

To make a positive difference through the solutions we deliver and how we operate as a business.

Our priorities:

  • Become a climate resilient, carbon net-zero business.
  • Deliver sustainability through our projects showing that every project matters.
  • Create social value and positive lasting impacts where they are needed most.
  • Support wellness and foster a culture of continuous learning and a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Sustainability is one of the most important ways we look at our business.

We want to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. It is about being responsible for our business impacts and taking opportunities to deliver lasting positive outcomes.

Our journey is to embed these practices into our business approach – we will make decisions that confidently weigh environmental, social, economic and governance impacts so we can continue to grow responsibly. We will earn trust by being transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders about the value we create and the impact we have.

What does sustainability mean to us?

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Holly Wallace
Strategic Sales

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Bradley Goodsell
Research, Modelling & Analysis

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Kate Lissaman
Project & Commercial Management

our sustainable future

Find out how we are living up to our sustainable values every day. At SYSTRA, we deliver our sustainable mission by celebrating successes along the journey towards our goal. We are keen to demonstrate a consistent approach to building sustainability into every project and solution, proving that sustainability is firmly embedded in our work. We also want to ensure that everyone at SYSTRA is involved and understands the part they have to play in changing our world for the better.


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