SYSTRA drainage and flood risk consultants design efficient and effective water and flood management systems for a wide range of construction and infrastructure projects – safely disposing of water and building long-term flood and environmental resilience for our clients and their communities in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable water engineering

The safe disposal of surface and foul water alongside the management of flood risk are fundamental requirements for our lives and is a subject that touches us all, everyday. Successfully managing flood risks requires an integrated approach across a range of specialist expertise. It’s essential to involve all stakeholders and to understand the needs of local people and businesses.

The sequence of major floods in the UK has driven changes in planning policies, legislative requirements and specific design standards. Along side this drainage systems’ behaviour needs to be considered in tandem with that of watercourses.

It’s important to consider future flooding patterns so that effective drainage and flood risk measures can be incorporated into environment and infrastructure designs in a sustainable way including the utilisation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), not least in the context of contributing to development’s biodiversity content and impact.

At SYSTRA, we take an integrated approach to both drainage strategy and flood risk management – considering both in the context of the local water environment. We have substantial experience of designing drainage systems and flood-risk management measures for a wide variety of project types and sizes.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

As demand for improved drainage and flood management strategies grows, SYSTRA provides much-needed skills and resources to help clients develop effective drainage and water engineering systems for their new projects.

Flood risk assessment

Every site has its own specific requirements and poses different challenges for flood risk management and drainage engineering. We offer flood risk assessment and flood risk management services to inform clients’ site selection and master-planning processes.

Our water engineering specialists design bespoke drainage and flood management solutions for each site, to achieve the aims of the client and meet the requirements of wider stakeholders.

Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) design

We design a range of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). We use our expertise to create the most appropriate SuDs solutions for the land use and site constraints of each project, taking into account site topography, history, ground conditions and operation and maintenance. We can provide both outline strategies and detailed designs for construction.

To assess and design SuDS we use industry-leading software such as MicroDrainage, Hecras or WINFAP-FEH. This technology is also deployed to help us inform development planning and future-proof developments for climate-change impacts.

SYSTRA have experts in SuDS that can represent out Clients at relevant Sustainable Drainage Approval Body (SAB)

Long-term flood resilience

Our experience of drainage design and flood risk management means we provide clients with cost-efficient schemes that meet current design standards, while enhancing the environmental impact and long-term climate change resilience of each development.

To ensure the long-term efficacy of our drainage and flood risk schemes, we also advise clients on lifetime management and maintenance procedures so that systems continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

Compliance with regulations and design standards

SYSTRA has wide-ranging experience of consulting with drainage and planning authorities on development matters, and carrying out technical submissions for formal agreements with the sewerage authorities.

Our specialists can advise clients on legal issues relating to land drainage and flood management. We help clients navigate planning permission requirements and obtain the necessary consents for their development activities. We also advise on how to build flood resilience into proposals to comply with current regulations, design standards and policies.

Business case development

Environmental and economic appraisal – SYSTRA Ltd has significant experience in business case development – we understand the requirements of the Government’s Green Book and the Multi-Coloured Manual.

We can help our Clients work with the 5 Business case model and for Environment Agency led project SYSTRA can assist with Partnership Funding.

Areas of expertise

  • Design of adoptable foul and surface-water drainage (Sections 104 / 98 and 185).
  • Design of private drainage to Building Regulations, DMRB or other specific requirements.
  • Design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).
  • Flood flow estimation and river-modelling.
  • Flood Risk Assessments and Drainage Strategies.
  • Design of floodplain and storage compensation schemes.
  • Design of ancillary civils features such as flow control systems, culverts, headwalls or foul sewage pumping stations.
  • Water Framework Assessments.
  • River Engineering
  • Combined Sewer Overflow management

Climate and flood resilience

We understand the changes posed by our changing climate and the need for climate resilience in our activities, studies and designs. SYSTRA can help with projects involving Climate Change, be that increased flood risk management to dealing with water scarcity.

Hydrological and hydraulic modelling

Our Rivers and Drainage Teams have extensive experience in Sewer Network Modelling, MicroDrainage, 1D and 2D River and Tidal Modelling.

Regulation and assurance

SYSTRA Ltd has wide ranging, specialist knowledge of the regulatory requirements concerning planning, works within the floodplain and the river/coastal environment research and development – Our staff have significant experience of research and development including areas such as Communities at Risk, Natural Flood Risk Management and Pollution Distribution in a Water body

River Engineering

SYSTRA river engineers are able to provide services including river diversions and river infrastructure design. Much of our river engineering experience is in relation to the study, design and implementation of flood alleviation schemes in fluvial environments. Our river engineers have worked on diversions, scour protection and re-meandering river restoration.

Our team of in-house experts in hydrology, hydraulic modelling, environmental impact assessment, and landscape design work closely with our hydraulic engineers in developing river engineering works.

Strategic asset management

Developing capital and operational works programmes, 3-5 year investment planning cycles, digital twin (predictive maintenance). Our team specialises in providing advice for planning and optimising investment at the greatest point of need over a long term planning cycle.

Urban planning

Our Team has significant capability and experience to help move our urban areas into more sustainable, enjoyable places for people and business through delivering services for blue/green corridors, watercourse rehabilitation, retro-fit SUDs solutions, flood risk assessments, smart water (GIS), public realm/placemaking, regional and local planning policies.

Water resources and water quality planning

Water is humanity and the environment’s greatest resource – we understand how to assess and manage water to both improve the quality of life and the environment.

Drainage Services

SYSTRA can provide services for drainage design from concept to detail design for developers, Utility Works Contractors, Local Authorities and Water Companies.

The management of the countries Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) are one of the critical issues facing the drainage industry at present. At SYSTRA we have a team of experts that can help address these issues for our clients and the environment.

How can our experts help?

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