SYSTRA provides safety assurance services to ensure that major infrastructure projects deliver reliability, availability, maintainability and safety at every stage of design, installation and operation.

Delivering safe and reliable infrastructure systems

Systems assurance is critical to ensuring the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) of infrastructure, whether for railways, roads, energy generation, environmental services or other complex engineering applications.

Regulators and industry bodies have strict regulations and standards for systems safety, reliability and maintenance throughout all phases of design, development, construction and operation. Clients developing new infrastructure need to ensure their work complies with regulations at every stage, and throughout the lifetime of the installed system. Ensuring compliance requires a detailed knowledge of current regulations and standards, and the requirements placed on system owners and operators.

SYSTRA has particular expertise in rail safety management and assurance, which we apply to infrastructure systems in various sectors – helping clients deliver safe, reliable, practical and maintainable projects for all types of transport, energy and utilities infrastructure.

Discover how SYSTRA can deliver reassurance that costs, sustainability, safety, and risks will be carefully controlled through all project delivery phases.

SYSTRA helps clients to understand the assurance requirements of complex projects, and provides peace of mind that regulatory compliance will be managed at every stage.

Assuring compliance and performance

The systems assurance services provided by SYSTRA draw on the expertise of specialists from across our business, both from the UK and from across the global SYSTRA group. Together, we ensure that intricate infrastructure systems are designed to the required standards and built to perform reliably, and that robust processes are in place to manage any system failures safely.

Understanding risks and regulations

Any systems assurance project begins by understanding the objectives and risks associated with the infrastructure programme. We help clients to identify these risks and define their objectives. Our understanding of the latest regulations and standards relating to infrastructure systems helps us to develop management and compliance procedures for every stage of major projects.

Effective route to compliance

For clients, our services provide peace of mind that their infrastructure systems, whether related to track, structures, electrification, rail signalling, or any other complex system, will comply with relevant regulations and standards.

We conduct robust design risk management to deliver safe and efficient designs for all types of infrastructure system. This enables clients to demonstrate safety ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’ (SFAIRP), supported by safety cost-benefit analyses


  • Engineering Assurance
  • Risk Workshops
  • Common Safety Method
  • Explicit Risk Estimation
  • System Definition
  • Safety Validation
  • Safety Case
  • Interoperability

Proven approach inspires confidence

The success of our approach can be attributed to the application of safety management systems that are robust and proven, providing the client and regulators with all necessary assurances. Our teams of design and engineering specialists help clients to use resources efficiently and implement effective processes to deliver all the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety assurances required on any project.

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