The dedicated level crossing design and engineering team at SYSTRA offers all the expertise required to upgrade the safety of all types of level crossing.

Improving level crossing safety

As a direct interface between road, pedestrian and rail networks, level crossings are one of the most hazardous components of transport infrastructure. Closing level crossings is often the safest option, but where this is not possible efforts must focus on improving level crossing safety measures and enhancing level crossing protection.

The level crossing experts at SYSTRA provide robust level crossing design services, as well as advice on specialist topics such as Statutory Consultation processes, design upgrade timescales and processes, and integrating level crossings into larger infrastructure projects.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

Our experienced and innovative level crossing design and engineering team has successfully delivered ground plans for major level crossing schemes across the UK.

These have included re-signalling, route enhancement and risk-reduction projects for all types of level crossing – including designs for the recently introduced second-generation obstacle-detector system (MCB-OD Mk2).

Collaboration across multiple stakeholders

The nature of level crossings and the multiple stakeholders involved, mean that every level crossing design is a multi-disciplinary project. Within SYSTRA, our specialist design engineering teams can provide all the necessary expertise and deliverables to ensure level crossing schemes address all key priorities for safety, efficiency and cost. Specifically, our level crossing engineers have the specialist skills to deliver:

  • Level Crossing Ground Plans.
  • Level Crossing Orders.
  • Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessments.
  • 3D designs and visualisations, including virtual reality.
  • Census of rail, road and pedestrian users.
  • Road speed surveys.

Applying virtual reality technology to level crossing design

SYSTRA is at the forefront of embracing innovation in level crossing upgrade design and engineering. We are leading the way in the use of virtual reality technology to support the visualisation of proposed plans and improvements. The 360° design possibilities of virtual reality can play a key role in aiding design decisions, improving the safety of site engineering works and engaging key stakeholders.

Virtual reality designs of specific level crossings can include aerial fly-throughs, user and operator perspectives and subterranean views, helping to fully visualise design schemes and identify potential blind spots, underground utility clashes or landscape constraints at the design phase.

Crucially, the engaging, interactive nature of virtual reality encourages buy-in from stakeholders during the consultation process, helping planners, transport operators and local communities make better-informed decisions about proposed plans.


  • Level Crossing Ground Plans
  • Level Crossing Orders
  • Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessments
  • 3D designs and visualisations, including virtual reality
  • Census of rail, road and pedestrian users
  • Road speed surveys

Complete level crossing design and engineering capabilities

When working with SYSTRA, clients can access a complete one-stop shop of services from across our consultancy, alongside our expertise in level crossing design and engineering. Our in-house teams can provide level crossing deliverables for civils, track, electrical & plant (E&P), highways, signalling and geotechnical. We also have an excellent working relationship with the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) with a track record of managing level crossing projects in line with the ORR Statutory Consultation process.

Whatever the scale or scope of your level crossing scheme, whether it involves design from first principles, upgrades or redesigns, you will find all the level crossing safety expertise you need at SYSTRA.

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