The transport planning specialists at SYSTRA support government and local authorities to develop fully integrated, future-focused transport plans that address the priorities of local, regional and national transport strategies.

Planning transport networks that meet the demands of society today and into the future requires specific expertise and an understanding of the far-reaching impacts of transport decisions on communities, the environment and the economy.

Transport planners today have a responsibility to develop transport policies and plans that manage demand for travel and treat all modes of transport fairly, including public transport and active modes of transport. Planners need to consider how transport plans can make a positive contribution to tackling social exclusion and cost of living issues, as well as ensuring that transport networks contribute to reducing carbon emissions and addressing the world’s climate emergency.

These are weighty responsibilities that the transport planning specialists at SYSTRA have been tackling for more than 40 years. Our long experience combined with up-to-date knowledge and expertise, alongside powerful data analysis capabilities, enable us to develop fully integrated transport plans that help to solve the pressing issues facing governments and local authorities today.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA transport planners apply specialist expertise – supported by data, analysis and stakeholder input – to create sustainable, value-for-money plans for the transport networks of tomorrow.

At SYSTRA, our transport planning work is based on an integrated vision of mobility. That means our approach to transport planning is transport-mode agnostic. To develop the very best transport plans for each project, we begin by assessing all relevant issues, including current and future travel requirements, urban planning priorities, economic and social development needs, and environmental protection.

We combine our planning expertise with extensive use of data and analytics to develop a deep understanding of the transport patterns, issues and opportunities of each project.

As a specialist transport consultancy, we have the niche skills in-house to carry out rigorous attitude surveys, primary research and stakeholder engagement activities. These studies enable us to underpin our transport plans with insights into the needs and aspirations of transport users. It ensures we produce plans that engage with and address the needs of people who will benefit from or be impacted by them – while encouraging them to make sustainable transport choices.

People must always be at the heart of transport planning. That’s why our transport plans not only focus on achieving the desired economic and social outcomes, but also on building civic pride by creating great places where people love to live, work and travel.

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