SYSTRA Taiwan has been established for over 30 years, as part of SYSTRA Group and supported by 10,300 employees worldwide to provide technical expertise and consultancy services in the design and implementation of rail and urban transport systems. We have been involved in several major railway projects in Taiwan such as Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei Mucha/Neihu Line (the first driverless metro system), Kaohsiung LRT circular Line, New Taipei City Sanying Line, Taoyuan Green Line and Brown Line, Taichung Blue Line, Kaohsiung Orange/Red/Yellow Lines, etc. We provide technical expertise and support from the design and construction to operation phases to ensure their successful completion. SYSTRA Taiwan also provide IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation),V&V (Verification and Validation) and ISA (Independent Safety Assessment) services.

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With over two decades of dedicated service at SYSTRA, I have participated in numerous railway projects in Taiwan spanning from the northern to the southern cities, including the first High-Speed Railway and the first tramway.

In my role as Head of the Branch from July 2020, I undertake a multifaceted set of responsibilities, encompassing business development, bid preparation, contract negotiation, client relations, and overseeing day-to-day operations management.


Since 1st of October 2018, Ivan is acting as the Operation Manager for SYSTRA Taiwan Branch, under the Authority of Victoria Chen, Branch Manager. He’s been working for the railway industry for more than 26 years and has worked on Metro and Railway projects at all stages:

  • Civil works and track design and construction supervision, especially the design and supervision of standard U Shape Structure in Shanghai over the last two decades with more than 80km of metro built.
  • More recently managing the Electric and Mechanical consulting services provided by SYSTRA Taiwan Branch for the design, verification and validation of projects in Taiwan.

Co-inventor for SYSTRA of a new type of noise mitigation devices for railway and metro project (“Anti-noise facility for tracked transport road and tracked transport road provided with such a facility”).

Our Markets
We provide state of art service to our clients and continue to support our communities for better mobility and sustainability!

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SYSTRA is a pioneer of high-speed rail. For moving quickly while respecting the environment, high speed rail is the reliable, reasonable and sustainable alternative to air travel, shortening distances and better connecting cities from their hyper-centres. SYSTRA Taiwan were involved in the Taiwan high speed rail in early design stage.


SYSTRA is an experienced multi-disciplinary partner for the design and delivery of advanced metro and urban rail mass transit systems. We support a growing city and deliver world-class metro services to more communities. Bring most sustainable and efficient form of mass transit. Full lifecycle of project from design stage, operation stage to IV&V. SYSTRA Taiwan highly involves in many metro lines in different city within Taiwan.


Light rail and tram systems are part of our DNA at SYSTRA. We have played an integral role in the delivery of every type of light rail system throughout the world, helping local authorities and transport operators to implement safe, fast and sustainable mass transit solutions. SYSTRA Taiwan, we provide full lifecycle services for the Kaohsiung Circular LRT project.


SYSTRA makes sure commuter and intercity passenger rail continues to deliver economic growth, support job creation, offer environmental benefits, and enhance our nation’s efficacy.


Bridges are a major product line and a cornerstone of our technical excellence in providing safe, efficient, and economical solutions. SYSTRA Taiwan provides design on U-Shape type for Metro and others.


To ensure the train movement at shortest headway and regeneration study for economic benefits. Power supply simulation is one of the core E&M system technical service of SYSTRA and Railsim is also SYSTRA’s well-known self-development simulation software in rail engineering. SYSTRA have provided numerous power simulation service for many worldwide projects.

Our Iconic Projects
We deliver excellent projects to our clients & partners solving biggest challenges in a unique perspective!

kaohsiung city circular lrt

As the first tramway system in Taiwan, SYSTRA was honored to be part of the project, providing the best solutions for our client.

Project details

The Circular light rail consists of two phases. Phase I extends from Station C1 to Station C14, utilizing CAF Urbos trams, and officially commenced operations in September 2017. Phase II stretches from Station C15 to Station C37, including the depot, and employs Alstom Cidadis 305 trams. The total length of the line is approximately 39.2 kilometers. The complete circular line opened to traffic on January 1, 2024.

  • System requirements analysis and suggestions
  • E&M system basic design and assisting in preparation of tender documents.
  • Initial operation safety analysis report 
  • Operation service performance index & Operation Plan
  • Traction power dimensioning
  • Track preliminary design
  • Preliminary design of the depot and maintenance facilities
  • Review contractor’s E&M system detail design documents
  • Review contractor’s RAMS documents​
  • CECI
  • From Nov 2013
  • Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City
  • Basic design documents
  • PMC Contractors’ design documents
  • Testing & Commissioning

new taipei city sanying line

We support our client to accomplish the state of art mobility.

Project details

The total length of the line is 14.29 km, with 12 elevated stations and 1 depot. The line is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The rolling stock for the Sanying Line Metro will be equipped with the GoA4 system, provided by Hitachi-Ansaldo

  • Core System Basic Design & Operation & Maintenance Document
  • Assisting the Client to preparing the tender document
  • Review contractor’s core system detail design documents
  • Review contractor’s RAMS documents​
  • CECI
  • From 2012
  • Basic design documents
  • PMC Contractors’ design documents


We support our client in planning systems that fit the city’s needs.

Project details

Taoyuan green line metro starts from Bade, heading along Taoyuan District, Luzhu District, and links with Airport Access MRT Station A11. Moreover, the route diverges from Station G14 and goes west, and connects with Airport Access MRT Station A16. There are 21 stations in total (10 underground and 11 elevated), covering a distance of 27.8 km. Currently, work is underway on an extension line, which includes 6 stations.

  • Proposing the optimized E&M systems and in performing the basic design for core system
  • Depot configuration including operation and maintenance plan
  • International E&M Systems cost’s information analysis and comparison.
  • System expandability analysis and the feasibility study of sharing the tracks with the MRT of Airport Line
  • RAMS Document
  • Train operation plan submission
  • CECI
  • From Nov 2012
  • Department of Rapid Transit Systems Taoyuan City 
  • Provide Comprehensive & Basic design stage of E&M reports.

Kaohsiung City MRT SiaoGang LinYuan Line IV&V

The first IV&V project secured by SYSTRA Taiwan is an honor for us, and we are committed to delivering the best IV&V experience to our client.

Project details

Siaogang Linyuan line is the extension line for the Kaohsiung City MRT Red line. It spans 11.27 km and comprises 6 underground stations and 1 elevated station at RL7. The line will feature the GoA2 system, incorporating Siemens signaling and Rotem rolling stock.

  • Review contractor’s RAMS documents
  • Performing IV&V service and submitting relevant evaluation reports.
  • Conducting the IV&V tasks and submitting the relevant evaluation reports.
  • Submitting the Overall system’s IV&V report (including safety certificate)
  • Undertake any other matters that require verification and confirmation in accordance with national laws and international standards.
  • Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City
  • From Sept 2023
  • System assurance Independent Verification & Validation

Kaohsiung City MRT Yellow line Basic design & PMC

We are honored to continue delivering our best services, from basic design to PMC, for Kaohsiung city.

Project details

Kaohsiung Yellow Line will feature 22 underground stations and 1 elevated station, accompanied by a level 5 depot. The total length of the line spans 22.91 km. The system will operate with GoA4 CBTC, leveraging Siemens signaling technology and Stadler rolling stock.

  • E&M core system design review
  • E&M core system testing procedure review
  • Support our client to ensure contractor’s quality.
  • CECI
  • From April 2023
  • Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City
  • PMC service

We support our partners and clients throughout the whole lifecycle of their projects

ConsultancyProject ManagementDesignConstruction SupervisionTesting & CommissioningOperation & Maintenance EngineeringSystem Assurance Independent Verification & Validation
MRT circular Line East section Power Simulation, Taipei City
MRT Yellow line Basic design, Kaohsiung City
MRT Brown line Comprehensive & Basic design, Taoyuan City
TRA OCS upgrade studies & simulations, Hulian-Taitung
Blue line basic design, Taichung City
CP 203, Indonesia


SYSTRA’s mission is to design safe and sustainable transport solutions. To achieve this, we count on all our employees, men and women who share our values, our commitments, who innovate with passion to build tomorrow’s mobility today.

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SYSTRA Taiwan is an exceptional team that brings together the best of Taiwanese and international expertise. Comprised of passionate, imaginative, and diverse professionals, we strive to deliver innovative solutions to help clients overcome complex challenges.

Our team is constantly learning and exploring new technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide unparalleled service to our clients. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients and their projects.

At SYSTRA Group, more than 10 300 employees spread throughout the entire world create, innovate, experiment, and anticipate transport that is increasingly efficient and adapted to the world of today and tomorrow.


Do you think that mobility is essential to the lives of each of us and that its challenges inspire passion? Do you want to contribute actively to the city of tomorrow, to bringing regions closer together, to better access for all populations to development, education, and leisure? Are you convinced that a more sustainable world is possible, and that mobility is an integral part of considerations linked to the future of our planet?

By joining SYSTRA you will contribute to improving the daily movements of millions of people, with sustainable solutions that respect the environment.

Give meaning to your professional life!

LO Zen Yui, System Manager

SYSTRA gives the opportunity to showcase my technical skills, deepen my knowledge & learn from other professionals.

Alice Chiang, Office manager

With over 20 years at SYSTRA, I specialize in accounting and finance, and have gained valuable global experience.

JOU Mark, Senior E&M System Manager

SYSTRA provides excellent working and learning environment.

LIAO John, Power Supply Engineer

I'm very proud to be part of SYSTRA, willing provide any support across the group.

LI Tim, Project Manager

At SYSTRA we adopted communication across our group without boundary

CHEN Barry, Senior Communication Engineer

SYSTRA a place filled with professional all around the world

SYSTRA offers all its talents a stimulating environment serving the development of sustainable mobility. Come and link your area of expertise to those of more than 10,300 passionate people spread across 5 continents and develop your potential on enriching and diversified assignments.
JOU Mark, Senior E&M System Manager
LIAO John, Power Supply Engineer
LI Tim, Project Manager
CHEN Barry, Senior Communication Engineer

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