SYSTRA understands the challenges, opportunities and implications of new mobility technologies for the future of transport networks across the UK. We guide clients in planning, developing and implementing integrated and sustainable transport solutions embracing the latest transport fuels and technologies.

Building accessible and sustainable transport solutions for the future

Transport systems must address the urgent priorities of our age, including reducing emissions, improving air quality, mitigating congestion, improving connectivity and developing a more sustainable and accessible network, whilst supporting economic growth.

Transport networks need to embrace new and emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, as well as new low-emission, carbon-free fuels for all types of vehicle. Tomorrow’s transport systems need to be built around the real needs of people, as well as the demands of freight transportation.

Local authorities and transport planners need guidance on how to approach the challenges of future mobility, how to assess requirements and determine the optimum solutions for the many different users of public and private transport. As a leader in the field of future mobility, SYSTRA offers expertise across multiple transport specialisms – helping planners and authorities deliver integrated, sustainable and efficient transport networks and infrastructure for the future.

SYSTRA has the expertise to combine new mobility solutions and transport technologies in optimal ways to create efficient, user-focused transport networks.

Transport is being revolutionised in the drive to reduce pollution and congestion, and decarbonise our economy. The transformation has already begun, with the emergence of electric vehicles, e-scooters, hydrogen fuels, autonomous buses and other driverless transport modes.

Whilst micromobility modes are currently the most prevalent form of new mobility on the high-street, newer and future mobilities are starting to make an appearance, such as autonomous vehicles, electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) planes, and mass transit offerings such as suspended rail systems, cable cars, trackless trams, and even hyperloop systems.

As a leading specialist in transport planning, design and consultancy, SYSTRA offers all the expertise required to realise the full potential of new technologies in the future of sustainable, efficient transport. We understand the different transport solutions that are available now and in the near future. We understand how to integrate these within a connected transport infrastructure to provide seamless end-to-end journeys for all transport users.

Our expertise covers electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure planning and implementation, helping local authorities deliver the transition to renewable and low-carbon energy sources.

We understand the emerging capabilities of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV), which offer varying degrees of autonomy to fulfil a range of transport roles. We have expertise in developing long-term freight-management plans, optimising the use of new HGV fuels and technologies to improve the efficiency and sustainability of freight transport.

To support the most efficient movement of people and goods, we can help to develop intelligent transport systems, incorporating technologies such as smart traffic controls, smart highways, dynamic road-user charging, and demand-responsive transport options. We can bring everything together into pioneering Mobility-as-a-Service systems. These digital solutions enable people to plan, book and pay for multiple transport modes to complete their entire journeys simply, seamlessly and safely.

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