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Transport planning

Digital Technologies Enhancing Transport Network Planning

In order to better integrate populations and optimise their movements, transport authorities must plan their networks in the short, medium, and long term.

Transport system planning studies are strategic for the dynamics of territories. To refine their relevance over time, it is necessary to take into account new sources of available data, utilise new tools for processing this data, and know how to analyse them effectively.

Incorporating digital technologies into consulting studies facilitates decision-makers’ choices by providing enriched and relevant information.

Addressing Our Clients’ Challenges

  • Benefiting from smart planning solutions
  • Simplifying collaboration with Open Source formats
  • Simplifying deliverable production
  • Enhancing understanding of deliverables through interactive and user-friendly interfaces
  • Increasing team productivity

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Transiplanner: RATP DEV (across multiple networks), France
Paramics: LEZ Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Quetzal: Achalandage Montreal MUM, Canada