SYSTRA offers comprehensive systems engineering, integration and assurance services to help clients deliver fully integrated, innovative and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Systematic, methodical approach to problem solving

Planning and delivering complex projects requires the coordination and management of a vast range of requirements, expectations and outcomes.

It involves the application of a ‘systems mindset’ to solve problems and ensure all elements of the project come together to meet defined outcomes. It means planning, designing, integrating and managing multiple ‘systems’ in the broadest sense to deliver the optimum solution.

Project planners and developers need expert support in solving problems at the outset of a project, to reduce risks, costs and delays later on when the impacts could be greater. Taking a systematic, methodical approach from the start helps to ensure that projects meet performance, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety requirements at every stage.

SYSTRA has all of the capabilities to provide cross-disciplinary systems engineering, integration and assurance – helping clients to deliver fully integrated solutions, addressing all success criteria and stakeholder needs.

SYSTRA applies broad systems expertise to balance cost and scheduling, alongside technical value, quality and complexity to deliver projects as efficiently as possible.

Our systems capability includes general systems engineering services, covering requirement management, interface management and IVVQCA (Integration, Validation, Verification, Qualification, Certification, Acceptance). We have particular specialisms in safety, security, reliability and resilience, operation and maintenance readiness, transition into operation, human factors and ergonomics, and technical compatibility. The outcome of our support is a rewarding project for all participants, delivering improvements in efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

We help clients overcome key project challenges, such as designing for whole life-cycle operation – creating solutions for today that will operate effectively for many decades into the future. We help clients stitch new schemes into existing infrastructure and services, solving the problems of integrating the old and the new. In transport, we often grapple with the challenge of taking infrastructure from its existing state through to the desired end solution, with minimal disruption to services and passengers.

How can our experts help?

Services Offered

The focus of our systems approach is on understanding the properties and performance of a delivered system, whatever the final application – whether in transport, energy, security or the built environment. Our expertise ensures we create well-integrated solutions, where all elements work effectively together, and where the sum is greater than its parts.

Our support helps to improve decision-making on a project, by implementing a structured approach that considers all relevant factors at every stage. We help to identify and eliminate waste or unnecessary processes from the outset– to improve efficiency. We improve the quality and safety of the whole system by identifying and resolving problems early, and addressing risks throughout the project lifecycle.

steering across system challenges

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