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Engineering & construction

Enhanced Project Infrastructure Management and Production through Digital Innovation

The focus on the construction phase of infrastructure is essential for producing assets that are safe and sustainable over time.

Throughout the project, a multitude of data is generated, forming a foundation of essential resources. It is crucial to ensure their quality, relevance, organisation, and traceability for effective asset management and project success.


  • Enhancing project performance through improved productivity and design quality while controlling costs
  • Improving collaboration, communication, and decision-making with all stakeholders
  • Adhering to budget and project timeline commitments
  • Mitigating risks related to safety
  • Ensuring data reliability throughout the project’s lifecycle

our solutions

Discover our digital solutions dedicated to engineering and construction

Analyses, checks, and secures the data of your BIM models

Accelerates and makes reliable BIM linear infrastructure modelling​

Identifies and manages security risks, guaranteeing your infrastructures are SAFEbyDESIGN.

our emblematic projects

eLODy: T13E2 Société du Grand Paris, MOE Études, France
BIMinOneClick: High-Speed Rail Line HS2, United Kingdom
BIMinOneClick: Dubai Metro, United Arab Emirates
eLODy: Eole SNCF, France