SYSTRA offers a full range of consultancy services to help the UK and Ireland’s rail network transition to new signalling technologies designed to unlock capacity, improve safety and enhance services for passengers, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Innovations in transport signalling and control systems

A host of new digital innovations and technologies are transforming the rail networks in the UK and Ireland, helping to increase capacity, reduce delays, enhance safety and lower costs. These include modern signalling and train control technologies, which are seen as cost-effective ways to expand network capacity.

Navigating the vast array of technologies promoted under the ‘digital’ banner to identify those that offer real value to railway operations can be daunting. Similarly, migrating an operational railway from existing line-side signalling systems to new in-cab technologies is fraught with challenges: fitment of rolling stock and infrastructure need to be aligned; staff need to be trained and new competences maintained; industrial relations concerns over changes to required skillsets are often raised.

To help the rail industry navigate these challenges, SYSTRA offers expertise as an international transport consultancy working at the forefront of developments in modern, computer-based signalling and control systems.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

SYSTRA is a leading transport consultant with decades of experience in European Train Control System (ETCS), Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) and digital railway systems.

Diverse expertise in digital railway technologies

The SYSTRA rail team has a breadth of experience in applying digital railway technologies in diverse contexts: from lightly used rural lines to busy metro lines, from mixed-traffic mainlines to new high-speed networks.

Our experience includes the first application of ETCS in the UK and the first application of Automatic Train Operation (ATO) over ETCS in the world. We are also pioneering the application of Computer Science formal verification to signalling, to address the challenges of proving safety on complex digital railway projects. We work across the full project lifecycle of any control system project, from feasibility and concept design to operation and maintenance.

Independent advice on optimum digital control solutions

As an independent consultant, with no affiliations to technology suppliers, we help clients to design and deliver the most effective and appropriate digital control systems for each rail application.

Secure and seamless migration to new technologies

Our specialists help clients to overcome many of the challenges associated with introducing new technologies to the rail network. We support carefully managed migrations from conventional signalling systems to new computer and radio based technologies, while minimising impacts on train services. We help clients manage the selection, specification and introduction of these new technologies to maximise the value gained from them and minimise disruption.


Our in-house expertise in digital transport technologies includes:

  • Railway signalling.
  • Railway control systems.
  • Signalling control systems.
  • European Train Control System (ETCS).
  • Communications Based Train Control (CBTC).
  • Radio-based signalling.
  • Transmission-based signalling.
  • Cab signalling.
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP).
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO).
  • Traffic management.
  • Drivers’ Advisory Systems (DAS).

Fulfilling the promise of greater efficiency, safety and value

With the support of our specialists, clients can ensure that new signalling technologies deliver promised improvements in railway capacity, reliability and safety for passengers and rail workers – while reducing energy use and costs. We do this by ensuring that technology migrations are underpinned by sound business cases, which provide assurances that technology is being applied appropriately in every situation.

“SYSTRA consultants offer expert, impartial advice to help clients make the most appropriate decisions about when and where to invest in new signalling and control technologies, and how to introduce them appropriately.”

How can our experts help?

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