SYSTRA is at the forefront of innovation in mobility and low-carbon transport solutions. Our tools and expertise help local authorities, transport authorities and electric vehicle (EV) fleet owners develop charging infrastructure to meet demand, and support the growth of sustainable transport options.

Building the low-carbon transport infrastructure of the future

Increasing the use of low-carbon vehicles, including electric and potentially hydrogen vehicles for some vehicle categories, is likely to be a critical component in the delivery of a net-zero carbon economy. The UK’s EV charging infrastructure needs to be significantly expanded to accommodate greater electric vehicle usage. Local authorities, EV fleet owners and infrastructure developers need to ensure that sufficient chargers are available in the right places to meet demand, if we are to realise today’s vision for the future of electric vehicles.

These organisations face significant uncertainties when it comes to planning EV infrastructure. They need accurate ways to forecast future demand for EV charging and to identify the optimum locations for EV chargers, to avoid wasting money on installing the wrong kinds of charger in the wrong places. Local authorities also need to ensure that the public charging infrastructure isn’t a drain on their resources.

SYSTRA is a leading EV charging consultant, supporting the energy transition to a low-carbon future. We have the tools and knowledge to help local authorities and fleet owners predict future demand for EV charging, and to advise on the optimum provision of EV chargers to meet demand as cost effectively as possible.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA understands how to forecast demand for public and private EV charging, and to design cost-effective EV charging networks throughout the UK.

Building a robust and reliable EV charging infrastructure

Having a robust, reliable and commercially viable EV charging infrastructure is vital to building confidence in electric vehicles and supporting increased demand – which is essential if the UK is to achieve its net-zero carbon targets.

Optimisation of the provision of on-street recharging infrastructure – OPOSRI tool

SYSTRA has developed a tool to predict demand for EV charging in any future year. The tool creates a large number of scenarios to determine the best public charging infrastructure for a given budget. It considers a wide range of parameters, including varying charging speeds and the associated costs of different types of charger. It models the duration of different types of trip (such as shopping, commuting or Park & Ride), as well as uncertainties such as battery capacity, future EV ownership and charging rates.

We deploy this tool to help clients understand which areas have the greatest need for additional EV chargers, and how to allocate a given budget for charging facilities. We can also advise on the marginal benefits of adding different types of charger in different locations. Ultimately, we enable local authorities to optimise their network of local chargers for ‘destination charging’, including on-street residential charging and local rapid-charging hubs.

En-Route Charging Optimisation (ERCO)

We have also created the En-Route Charging Optimisation (ERCO) tool to support the installation of rapid EV chargers on the strategic road network. This network of chargers is required to help electric vehicle drivers complete their journeys. They are essential for long-distance trips or where there is no charging infrastructure at the origin or destination of the trip. We are working with the UK government on developing this inter-urban rapid charger network across the UK’s motorways and A roads.

Essential support networks for electric vehicles

Our expertise in electric vehicle charging infrastructure plays a key role in the development of electric vehicle support networks across the UK. With our advice, local authorities and EV fleet owners can ensure they install the right types of charger, in the right quantities and in the right places to meet projected demand. We also help to ensure that public charging networks are not a drain on local authority resources – and even offer the potential to create positive revenue streams in future.

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