The dedicated research specialists at SYSTRA help clients to evaluate the impacts and benefits of transport interventions on different groups within society – to ensure schemes are delivered in ways that are accessible, affordable and appropriate for as many people as possible.

Delivering equitable and accessible transport services

Transport schemes, interventions and policies all impact society in different ways. Local authorities, government departments, developers and scheme promoters need to understand how specific policies, interventions or strategies affect different groups within society in different ways.

By understanding the implications of transport schemes on different groups of people, authorities and developers can ensure those schemes are developed in ways that minimise any negative impacts or biases. It’s essential that business and funding cases demonstrate how different groups in society have been considered in the proposals, and how the aims and objectives of the intervention will be achieved equitably, without adverse social impacts.

SYSTRA has considerable experience of assessing the social impacts of road construction, high-speed rail, public transport, urbanisation and related transport schemes and policies. Our research specialists understand how to provide the insights and analysis clients need to achieve greater equity in transport delivery.

Discover how SYSTRA provides expert insight and advice to support decision making, policy development and strategy.

SYSTRA deploys innovative social research techniques to uncover and analyse the views and perspectives of multiple stakeholders, including hard-to-reach sections of society.

Assessing the societal and cultural impacts of transport interventions

The dedicated social and market research team at SYSTRA can design and deliver high-quality, customised research programmes to understand the societal impacts of different transport interventions. Our analysis, insights and interpretations help clients to understand the attitudes and opinions of different groups of people, ensuring that the equality and diversity issues of any project are thoroughly explored and considered.

Wide-ranging societal impact consultations

Our social and market researchers have a reputation for innovation and a passion for problem solving. We have a strong track record of carrying out research in deprived areas and with groups of society who are vulnerable, potentially excluded and often hard to reach – including young people and the elderly, people with a range of health problems and disabilities, and minority ethnic and faith groups.

When it comes to consulting members of the public and vulnerable groups, our broad understanding of the transport sector helps us to convey potentially technical information in ways that are understandable to non-technical audiences.

Relevant research techniques for each application

We can deploy a wide range of quantitative and qualitative social research techniques, to suit the requirements of each project. These can include face-to-face, telephone and social media surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, public consultations, attitudinal surveys, literature reviews and secondary data analysis.

Collaborative approach to research development

To develop and deliver the most effective studies into societal impacts and equity in transport, we work collaboratively with our clients as well as academic institutions. This ensures we conduct the most robust and appropriate analysis into the potential impacts of transport interventions, and enables us to formulate clear and actionable recommendations.

Evidence for transport service improvements

Our research findings and analysis provide the evidence and insights required to support funding applications and business cases for various transport schemes. They also help transport providers and operators to refine and adapt transport provision and future strategies to ensure they are affordable, accessible and appropriate for the widest possible range of people in society.

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