SYSTRA offers the behavioural change and transport demand management expertise to help governments and authorities implement effective measures to improve transport sustainability, reduce congestion and decarbonise travel – to achieve net zero goals.

Understanding and altering transport demand patterns

Local and regional authorities and government departments are under pressure to decarbonise transport, encourage more people to adopt active and sustainable modes of travel, and switch to public transport. Decision-makers need to better understand how to encourage people to make this transition, so they can develop the right schemes and policies to achieve their net zero carbon goals.

SYSTRA has considerable expertise in researching and understanding priorities and preferences in relation to transport, and implementing transport behavioural change campaigns. We understand how to design and deliver effective demand management measures, to help reduce the need for travel and shift transport usage to more sustainable modes and technologies.

SYSTRA has an in-depth understanding of the drivers of transport use and how people make their travel decisions – helping clients deliver the right policies, strategies and schemes to affect behavioural change.

Helping authorities to reduce, re-time, re-route or re-mode transport

The transport behavioural change and travel demand management specialists at SYSTRA offer a wide range of services to support local authority net zero programmes. We can conduct transport and non-transport social market research to help clients understand stakeholder and public perceptions, preferences and behaviour patterns, and support the development of effective transport schemes and marketing campaigns.

Our dedicated team of specialists has a wide range of risk and statistical appraisal expertise. Our broad understanding of the transport sector means we can help clients to convey potentially technical information to a non-technical audience, in a way that influences decision-making and behaviour patterns. We work collaboratively with both clients and academic organisations to better understand transport behaviours and how to modify demand.

Our expertise in affecting behavioural change in transport includes supporting the shift from private cars to public transport and more active modes, encouraging a general reduction in travel, and increasing the uptake of more sustainable transport options, such as scooters and electric vehicles.

To manage demand and reduce congestion, we help clients to implement a range of effective interventions and initiatives. The right measures for each area will depend on a range of factors, which we can identify through our research, but interventions may include road user charging schemes and Clean Air Zones (CAZ), 20-minute communities and traffic management initiatives.

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