SYSTRA has a dedicated geotechnical engineering team with broad experience in ground investigations, risk assessments, solution design and construction support for major infrastructure, construction and engineering schemes across the UK and globally.

Geotechnical support for ground engineering works

While ground engineering can sometimes be an afterthought for developers, the development of any new building, facility or infrastructure project must incorporate rigorous geotechnical investigations to satisfy planning requirements and ensure a safe, sustainable and affordable construction programme.

Those involved in construction planning, whether architects, developers, quantity surveyors or civil engineers, need to allow time for sufficient geotechnical work to address potential ground engineering issues at an early stage. It’s important to seek expert advice on ground risks, geohazards and substructure design, so that the impact on construction programmes can be fully understood at the outset.

SYSTRA offers an expert one-stop-shop geotechnical engineering service to address all ground engineering issues associated with any construction or infrastructure project. Our geotechnical consultants can quickly advise on geotechnical requirements and design robust substructure solutions that are properly costed and implemented.

Discover how SYSTRA has applied innovation, technology and ingenuity to re-think infrastructure engineering solutions to optimise time, budget, safety and sustainability.

SYSTRA Ground Engineering Group has a dedicated geotechnical design team with considerable experience in delivering Eurocode-compliant solutions to clients in multiple sectors on major construction, civil and structural engineering projects.

SYSTRA geotechnical engineering specialists work across a broad range of market sectors in the UK, including energy and power (including energy-from-waste), transportation (high-speed rail, conventional rail and highways infrastructure) and the nuclear sector.

Experienced geotechnical consultants

Our experienced geoscience team understands the importance of addressing clients’ requirements and managing their construction risks. We take care of clients’ entire geotechnical engineering needs, from concepts and ground investigations through to solution design and numerical modelling, and on to construction design and support.

Complementing multidisciplinary project teams

We follow a risk-based approach, advocated by design guides, which is essential in enabling us to develop safe and affordable solutions as part of multi-disciplinary design projects. To optimise the effectiveness of our geotechnical services, it’s vital that our engineers are fully engaged with any projects involving structure and ground interfaces. That gives clients the best opportunity to achieve the most cost-effective and buildable solutions that take into account all ground risks, geohazards, safety and sustainability considerations.


SYSTRA has particular expertise in the following areas of geotechnical engineering:

  • Rail geotechnicswe are experts in all aspects of high-speed and conventional rail. Our ground engineering and geotechnical specialists can design structures, foundations and all earthworks for rail and transit projects, as well as station and overhead line foundations. We undertake the Phase 1 and Phase 2 reports required by developers to gain planning permission.
  • Highways – we undertake geotechnical engineering work for highway schemes involving complex interchanges and roundabouts across the UK.
  • Underground structures – our engineers design deep basements and energy-from-waste bunkers, which require complex consideration of temporary and permanent geotechnical structures.

Combining geotechnics expertise and technology

The SYSTRA ground engineering geotechnical design team offers real depth of technical expertise, and proven experience gained from exposure to a wide range of varied construction projects. The skills of our geotechnical engineers are combined with state-of-the-art analysis and design systems – enabling us to conduct comprehensive geotechnical investigations and risk assessments that deliver targeted design solutions for clients.

Complete geotechnical engineering solutions

For developers, planners, architects, engineers or contractors involved in major construction, infrastructure or engineering projects, SYSTRA offers complete geotechnical engineering and leading-edge design solutions to ensure schemes are cost-effective, safe, sustainable and buildable.

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