SYSTRA is a market leader in the development of active travel schemes, combining walking and cycling networks to improve local connectivity, support economic growth and create healthier urban communities.

Promoting cycling and walking for healthier, happier towns and cities

Walking and cycling – together known as “active travel” – are key modes of transport, particularly in towns and cities, where they bring a host of health, well-being and social benefits. The UK government has an ambition to make cycling and walking the natural choice for shorter journeys, as well as a key element in longer journeys – and financial resources are available to support the development of walking and cycling networks.

Local authorities, private sector developers and urban planners are keen to deliver more active travel infrastructure and to integrate this with existing public transport networks. However, they face a number of challenges and constraints, including limited road space, competition with private car drivers, accessing funding, and public opposition to schemes that are sometimes seen as contentious.

The active travel experts at SYSTRA have a long track record of helping clients to overcome these challenges and to develop successful walking and cycling schemes that complement the wider urban environment and help to build more cohesive, connected and sustainable communities.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

From initial research and conceptual design, through to scheme implementation and monitoring, SYSTRA offers a complete active travel support service for local authorities and developers.

Active travel support from inception to implementation

The breadth of active travel expertise at SYSTRA means we can offer clients full project lifecycle support for any walking or cycling schemes – from inception through to on-the-ground delivery and ongoing monitoring.

Strategic approach to changing travel behaviour

We begin by advising on cycling and walking strategies for each region. We carry out cycle trip modelling and pedestrian modelling to help clients choose the right solutions. Our research expertise means we can conduct appropriate studies to gauge opinions, insights and preferences – and assess the likely impact on public behaviour of different walking or cycling initiatives.

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans

By combining our knowledge with data gathered through research and stakeholder engagement, we can support business case development and appraisal. Our work can also support the development of Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs), identifying the improvements required at a local level to increase the number of trips made on foot or by cycle.

Networks designed to deliver health and economic benefits

Our design services cover initial concept design through to preliminary designs and detailed design work for new cycling and walking networks. Once new schemes have been implemented, we can provide ongoing monitoring and behavioural change studies to assess the impact of the new schemes – and inform further refinement and development to achieve active travel objectives.

Cycling networks to improve transport sustainability

SYSTRA has delivered a wide range of cycling projects, from developing high-level strategies for planned cycling corridors, through to detailed designs for cycle routes and post-implementation monitoring.

We adopt a joined-up approach in all our cycling strategies, considering the impacts on the pedestrian experience, the road network and the wider urban realm. Our strategies are informed by our own research into cycle route and cycle parking best practice, and by our work with stakeholders to understand the potential for cycling networks to advance the transition from cars to bicycles.

Walking schemes to bring communities together

We are market leaders in the design, consultation, implementation and monitoring of pedestrian-focused schemes. Our expertise ranges from supporting School Streets closures to using our innovative walking network analysis tool to develop pedestrian-friendly spaces and walking routes.

Our teams have successfully delivered projects across the UK to transform the pedestrian experience, creating safer, more enjoyable walking opportunities that have helped to shift people out of their cars. By creating lively neighbourhood centres, and pedestrian-friendly links between key destinations and leisure routes, we help to create better places where healthcare outcomes are improved, local retail spend is increased and communities are brought together.

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