To support the development of Local Plans, SYSTRA offers policy advice, modelling capabilities, sustainable transport solutions, stakeholder engagement and public consultation expertise for local authorities and developers.

Developing sustainable and deliverable Local Plans

Local Plans set out a local authority’s vision for the future development of its area. They explain how development, including housing, employment growth and infrastructure, can benefit the area and meet the needs of local people.

Local authorities need to access specialist support services to help them develop or update their Local Plans, including policy advice, modelling, sustainable transport advice, development planning, public consultation support and Examination in Public (EiP) support. Local authorities must compile a Local Plan that demonstrates that their development plans meet their Objectively Assessed Need – such as the number of homes required over the medium term – in a sustainable manner. They need to set objectives for sustainability, density and connectivity. Local Plans must also meet the government’s four tests of soundness: positively prepared, justified, effective, and in accordance with national policy.

SYSTRA has the very specific expertise required to help local authorities develop robust and deliverable Local Plans. Our Local Plan specialists can also help developers with planning, modelling and public consultation support.

Discover how SYSTRA has transformed ideas into deliverable strategies, for implementing new infrastructure or making a step change in service provision.

SYSTRA provides the full range of specialist support required to help local authorities develop or update their Local Plans.

Building the evidence base for Local Plans

SYSTRA can help local authorities with key aspects of Local Plan development. Our specialists help to provide the evidence-base required to support Local Plans, including assessments and recommendations for sustainable transport solutions. We can help to develop site selection policies and support the development of all types of transport infrastructure.

Land use transport interaction modelling

Central to our Local Plan support services is our own DELTA model, which is a land use transport interaction (LUTI) tool. It provides vital capabilities in allowing local authorities to assess the impact of different types of transport intervention on land use. We can model different transport interventions, including costing, and demonstrate the impact of those interventions on the transport network. This enables local authorities to zone their areas in ways that reduce dependence on car transportation.

Consultation and expert witness support

We have particular expertise in stakeholder engagement and public consultation, which are key in the development of sustainable Local Plans that fulfil local objectives. Members of our multi-disciplinary teams are also qualified to provide expert witness services at public enquiries and Examination in Public (EiP) procedures.

Promoting sustainable development sites

Construction sites earmarked for residential development by developers may often be remote from public transport and active transport infrastructures. These sites require considerable investment in infrastructure to meet local authority sustainability objectives. Our transport specialists can help developers to assess and promote the transport impacts of their sites. We can also help developers to bring forward more sustainable sites and develop sustainable transport schemes that support Local Plan objectives.

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